Craftsman Wood Router and Router Table Combo | Review – 2018

Craftsman router and router table combo is an embodiment of excellent workmanship, class and technology for which Craftsman is known for.

The kit is a complete package including a router with a motor which is capable of generating a 1 3/4 horsepower and other essential accessories that you need to start routing and cutting.

With all the features it is equipped with, you will be able to accomplish a number of tasks with the product. The table is very strong and provides operators with a work surface of 334 square inches.

The surface is rested on a base made from aluminum. The router table, as well as the router it comes with, is very easy to use and set up. All you need to start routing or cutting is included in the package.

Thus, if you are looking to establish a woodwork shop, Craftsman router table combo should be a good addition to your tool collection. Read on to know more about this product.



Technical specification

  • Item model number: 37595
  • Part number: 37595
  • Product dimension: 26.3×15.9×14.7 inches
  • Product weight: 25.4 pounds
  • Material: metal
  • Insert rings: A set of three insert rings of diameters of 1-3/4, 1-1/2 and 1-1/4 inch
  • Tabletop: laminated with a surface area of 334 square
  • Fence: adjustable
  • Battery required/included: No
  • Item package quantity: 1


Features of Craftsman Wood Router and Router Table

Craftsman router table combo is a well-built product which is well equipped with the necessary features required by a workman to start routing. The table features a surface which is 334 square inches in area. It has a thickness of 11/16 inch.

The surface is smooth and even and these make for enhanced precision and accuracy in cutting. The fence of the table is adjustable and extendable to suit the needs of the user.

Thus with such a fence, the table can be used for a number of projects. Another feature of this router table that makes for improved versatility is the miter gauge.

It is designed in such a manner that adjustment can be made to it in both directions in order to make it possible for the operator to maintain high accuracy during routing or cutting.

It is safe to work with the unit thanks to the safety features infused into it by its designers. Woodworkers working with this product are able to operate with all safety measures thanks to the safety lock it comes with.

This router table combo has a double outlet power strip outside the safety lock. Normally, a lot of dust and debris are generated during woodwork regardless of the nature and type of job you are engaged in.

The quantity of dust generated normally makes the work environment to be unsafe and dirt. Besides, it also increases the time to be spent in after work task. But with this product, the reverse is the case.

It features a quality dust extraction port where dust generated during work is trapped. The ball bearings of the router is well sealed and lubricated so that the motor of the router will last longer.

Router table combo comes complete with feather boards, dust guard, table, fence, 1/4″ collet, miter gauge and a router which has a motor of 1-3/4 horsepower. The 9.5 amp router motor is capable of generating 27,000 RPMs.

Other things included in the package are 1/4 collet, three insert rings and a user manual. The package includes all the routing applications which a woodworker will require in order to handle different kinds of project or to establish a woodwork. With these features, it provides quality enhanced accuracy with technical precision.



  • The router contains a high performing motor which is capable of spinning at 27000 RPMs speed.
  • The table surface is roomy, even and thick. Thus, woodworkers will have enough space to work on different kinds of projects. Besides, given its evenness and smoothness, users will have the benefits of working on a flat and smooth surface. This will increase the accuracy of the cutting result and also helps you to work faster.
  • The router table is sturdy and will last for many years thanks to the metal materials used in creating it.
  • It provides enhanced precision thanks to its cutting depths which is capable of adjusting and locking to microfine levels.
  • The package is complete with all you will require starting work. It is made to satisfy the requirements of all woodworking projects.
  • The item is available in a lightweight and compact design which does not affect its durability and toughness. Given its small dimension and lightweight, you will be able to move the product from your home to your worksite or from one point to another in your worksite.
  • It is user-friendly and easy to set up.
  • Craftsman router combo is sold at a reasonable price and this makes it a good option for people that are on a budget.
  • It is a versatile product owing to the fact that it can be used to accomplish different routing tasks. The package includes not just the table but also router and other things required for dual purposes.



  • The router instructions included are not well prepared. The labeling seemed to be for another model. The manual also is not comprehensive because it does not contain detailed instruction on how to change the bit.
  • Some essential features such as variable speed control and soft start are not included. But the low cost of this product may give justification to the absence of these important parts.
  • Many people are not happy that it has a plastic fence.



Craftsman wood router & router table combo is the favorite of many consumers when it comes to price and basic features required for different kinds of woodwork. Despite a few complaints from a couple of consumers, the product has become highly rated among consumers.

So, if you are looking for a router and router table for work around the house, you may consider purchasing this router table kit. It is affordable, sturdy and user-friendly. However, if you want something for heavy duty work, this product may not be a good option for you.


SKIL RAS900 Router Table | Review – 2018

If you are looking for a router table that you can use to do some woodwork around the house or garden as well as other light projects, SKIL RAS900 is a product that you should know about.

It is well constructed and equipped with all the necessary features required to accomplish such tasks. With its numerous features, it can best be described as an all-in-one workshop.

Besides having plenty of features required to accomplish a lot of works, the router table delivers impressive accuracy and precision. So, if your works require detailed tasks such as trimming and engraving, this SKIL router table may be the right option for you.

It is also an option for people that are on a budget and yet they want something with plenty of features. However, before you think that you have found a perfect product for you, it will be good that you take time to read this review so that you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether this product is an option for you or not.

In this review, you will learn about the specification of this product, its pros and cons, and features.




  • Model number: RAS900
  • Part Number: RAS900
  • Product dimensions: 27.7×17.7×9.5 inches
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Batteries Included: No


Features of SKIL RAS900 Router Table Review

RAS900 is a typical example of excellent workmanship replete with improved features which are required for a variety of router and woodwork projects. With its features, both beginners and mid-level woodworkers can make use of the product. Here are some of the features of this product that mark it from other products in the market.

Compact size

This router table is an option for woodworkers that do not have much space for the storage of their woodworking tools in their workshops. The router table is foldable and when folded it can become less than 10 inches high. Thus, when folded, it can be kept neatly on a garage shelf or workbench. It will not occupy much of your workspace.

Easy set up

Whether you are a professional or just a beginner, once your package arrives, you will be able to get started easily. It is quite easy to set up the router. You don’t have to be a professional before you will be able to set the router up. The set up will take you about 30 minutes or even less depending on your experience. What will take much of your time is understanding the various components and not actually the setting up of the unit. But you have to start with the mounting of the router.  The major components of this router table are the router, mounting plate and the table. The mounting plates and the quick clamp mount features of the table are made to suit major routing work. With the user-manual and the pictures provided therein, you will be able to perfectly mount the router.

The router table

The router table of this product comes with a top that is available in MDF and laminated finished surface which makes it possible for workpiece to glide and goes into the router very well resulting in clean and precise cut without requiring much effort from you. In place of a router insert, the product utilizes a quick clamp mount and mounting plate that mounts and locks easily on the router. It is also easy to release the router and change the bit, a task that requires only seconds to be accomplished. There is no need for you to level and thus, no extra time and effort are required from you. During the bit setup for accuracy in cutting, the bits can be adjusted via the bit height guard.

Cutting a curved piece with this product is pretty simple thanks to the starter pin and gauge that the router table comes with. This feature provides support to the workpiece during such a cut and this ensures that you obtain a smooth cut.

Built-in storage boxes

This unit is an option for people that have limited storage space thanks to the built-in storage boxes that it comes with. The storage units are perfectly fixed to the legs of the router table. You are not very much organized or you easily forget where you keep your tools, you will find this storage unit quite very useful. They are most suitable places to keep such items like miter gauges, tools, wrenches and other accessories and tools that are included in the package. With the storage boxes, you will be able to get your tools together and organize your workshop so that it will not be littered with tools. Besides, it will also reduce the amount of space you require for the storage of your items.

Easy storage

Besides the storage boxes where you can keep certain tools, it is quite easy to store current SKIL router table without taking up much of your storage space. This unit comes with foldable legs. When it is folded, the height will come down to at least 10 inches. With such a height, you will be able to keep it on a storage shelf or under a table or inside a small space. In this way, storage of the router will not become many problems to you.


RAS900 comes with two pieces of feather boards which constitute essential parts of the unit. It is very useful during routing as it makes for accurate guides on your workpiece.



  • It is a good router table for people with a low budget. But being affordable or inexpensive does not mean that it lacks in essential features. It has all the features you need in order to do a perfect woodwork.
  • With this product, your workspace will not get littered up with dust. It comes with dust collection port where debris generated during cutting are trapped.
  • Setting up is quite easy because the unit is preassembled. It does not require you to be an expert before you will be able to make use of the product.
  • The router is quite easy to attach and remove because it does not require any level because its quick clam system is all that is required.
  • It is suitable for the cutting of curved surfaces thanks to its starter pin.



  • The router table is not suitable for heavy dusty tasks and thus if you need to do more difficult work, you will have to upgrade to higher grade.
  • The stability of router table during routing is affect to a certain extent by the folding design.
  • Users may require some time to understand the clamp system depending on their experience level.
  • The warranty information on this product is not clearly provided.
  • However, these imperfections are not strong enough as to advise a potential buyer not to purchase it.



RAS900 is one of the low cost router tables packed with features required to begin and complete virtually all basic woodworks around the garden and the house. With its features, it will meet the needs of do-it-yourself hobbyists. It is highly functional especially when it is being used for light jobs. It is available in compact design and thus, it is an option for people with limited space in their workshops. The product is made with quality and high-grade materials and so if you purchase it, you will get value for your money.


Bosch RA1171 Router Table Review

Bosch RA1171 should be a veritable addition to the tool collection of any do-it-yourself person. People looking to start a woodworking workshop may also consider beginning with this router table.

With it, they are able to work on different kinds of woods and this makes it possible for them to do different projects. The router table offers amazing versatility apart from being easy to store, flexible and highly durable.

It is a well-built router table with all required features. Despite some complaints from some consumers, it is still among the top rated router table in its class thanks to its stunning performance and functionality when it comes to routing and cutting.

If you are on a budget but you need a strongly built router table that will deliver a good cutting result, then you should consider purchasing this product. Read on to know more about this Bosch router table.




Tech specification

  • Origin: China
  • Part Number: RA1171
  • Item model number: RA1171
  • Product dimensions: 4.8x27x24 inches
  • Product weight: 45 pounds
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: aluminum
  • Warranty description: 30 day money back guarantee and a year warranty
  • Batteries included/required: No
  • Item package quantity: 1


Features of Bosch RA1171 Router Table

The RA1171 router table is available in a compact and lightweight design. With its lightweight and compact size, it will be easy for you to move it from one job sight to another or from one point to another in your worksite when there is a need for that. It also makes it very easy to store. If you are the type that judge quality and performance by size and weight, definitely, you will rate this product very low.

But you will be wrong given that this product is strongly built to handle different kinds of routing applications. Given its metal construction, you are going to use it for many years. One remarkable feature of this product is its top which is laminated and very smooth. It provides users with a work surface of 25-inch x 15-1/2- inches, a throat opening of 3-5/8inch and a fence opening of 3-3/16 inch.

It is a versatile router table owing to the fact that a number of routers can be mounted on its mounting plate. The mounting plate is not only rigid but very flat which makes for enhanced cutting accuracy and precision. It features a tall fence made from aluminum. The fence measures 4-7/8-inch x 25-1/8-inch. With the table, you will be able to work on tall stock with ease.

The router table provides strong support. It is very smooth working with the router table thanks to the adjustable MDF face plates that it comes with. The table and its fence feature two feather boards which are very easy to use. These feather boards improve the versatility of the table in a number of ways.

First, different varieties of workpieces can be used on the table given the fact that the feather boards are adjustable. The feather boards also provide the operators with added control and support when they are passing the workpiece through the bit during routing. The additional feather boards can be added using the accessory slot. It can also be used to add the miter gauge as well as other optional accessories.

RA1171 is very efficient in the removal of dust generated during routing or cutting thanks to its cabinet-style design. Its dust collection system includes two ports where dust and debris are trapped. You can fit standard sized 2-1/2-inch vacuum hoses into two of them. It is not a type of router table that another person can use without your authority. It has a lock.

Thus, when it is not in use, it can be locked to prevent any unauthorized person from using it. Its dual outlet switch features a power cord of 6 feet long. If you are working on curved workpieces, you will not have any problem using this product as it comes with starter pin and guard which operators can use to support curved materials when routing them.

The package comes complete with all the basic components and accessories you need to start routing and cutting. The kit includes hardware for mounting routers from Bosch and other makers, 2 outfeed fence shims measuring 1/16 inch, starter pin and guard, adjustable clear guard, two adjustable featherboards, a set of 3 mounting-plate insert rings and benchtop router table.



  • It offers impressive stability during cutting and routing thanks to its long and stable base which also also can be bolted to the floor via the inserts on it. With this, operators will experience minimal vibration or even no vibration at all during cutting.
  • It is strongly built with aluminum. With its metal construction, it can withstand impact from everyday use and unfavorable weather conditions.
  • It is a versatile table router given that different kinds of routers from different brands can be mounted on it thanks to its aluminum baseplate.
  • The fence is very strong because it is made from aluminum. Besides, it can easily be maneuvered to provide high quality cutting accuracy.
  • Working with this router table does not get your workplace littered with debris and dust. It has functional dust collection system with ports that match all external systems of dust collection. The opening on the fence is very large and thus, dust and debris generated during cutting can easily be trapped into the ports.
  • It is sold at a very good price making it a good product for budget buyers.
  • It is very easy to move about thanks to its lightweight and compact design.
  • It is very easy to assemble.


  • You may have problems leveling the mounting plate especially if you are a beginner with a router table.
  • Long hours of use may result in the heating up of the aluminum mount plate.



This Bosch router table is a nice product with impressive features. It will make a veritable option for any person looking for a quality router table with good features sold at a good price. It is a strong router table given its metal construction. It is also very versatile. Thus, you will be able to use it with strong routers despite its small size.


Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table Review

Bosch RA1181 is a good option for any person looking for router table suitable for different kinds of woodwork. It is an embodiment of excellent workmanship, versatility, specification, performance, and durability. With its wide surface, you will be able to handle a lot of woodwork. Given this, it is one of best sellers with an impressive rating and reviews from customers. This unit is designed to match almost all wood routers. It comes with a number of features that mark it out from other routers. It is a good example of router table that gives value-for-money. This Bosch router table is designed to serve the needs of casual woodworkers, beginners and do-it-yourself professionals. In case you want a router table for more difficult or professional woodwork you should consider purchasing another Bosch router tables.





Model number: RA1181

Part number: RA1181

Product dimensions: 27x18x14.5 inches

Weight: 34.4 pounds

Batteries: No battery required

Power source: Manual

Finish: Clear-coated aluminum top

Warranties: 1 year service protection plan, 1 year limited warranty and 30 day money back guarantee


Features of Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table


RA1181 is a nice product with plenty of features. It comprises three main parts which include the fence, table and router. These parts are easily put together into a perfect unit. Putting them together into a perfect unit does not involve any complicated process. It is quite straightforward. The table top is smooth and as even as possible. It is 18 inches wide which provides enough work surface. Little or no friction occurs as the piece is slid across the table thanks to its design. The table has a dimension of 27x18x14.5 inches and is made from cast aluminum and thanks t0 its mental construction, it will withstand difficult and harsh working conditions to which it is exposed to during everyday us. The design also includes a miter slot that is 3/4 wide and 3/8 deep. This feature is designed to fit any jig or common miter guide. It runs along the table.

Aluminum router plate

Router plate of this unit is also made from aluminum. The router is pre-drilled and this makes it to match with different kinds of routers. In case you have a router you’ll want to continue making use of, you may still be able to use it without bothering yourself about changing it. Router plate has an impressive toughness and durability thanks to its metal construction and with it, the router plate can be used with a more powerful router such as the 3 1/4HP Bosch 1619EVs and yet the force created by the routers will not break it.. The diameter of the router is reducible to 1″, 2″ and 23/4″ to suit your preference and this is made possible by the three snap-in inserts that it comes with.

Adjustable fence

This Bosch router table features adjustable aluminum fence of 25 inches long and 47/8 tall in dimension. It has also aluminum router plate with a pair of MDF plates with a dimension of 12 1/2 inches L by 3 3/4 inches width. This centre gap of the face plates can be adjusted from 0 to 3 3/4 wide making it possible for you to utilize about a diameter of 31/2 inches.

Dust collection system

Working with such Bosch router table does not litter your workspace with dust generated during work thanks to its dust collector. It is constructed in such a manner that a standard hose of 2 1/2″ can be attached to it. As you are working, dust generated will not be scattered on the workspace flour. Instead, it will be trapped in the dust collector and this will leave your work environment quite neat.

Other accessories

There are other accessories included in the package of this product. The package also includes two 1/16-inch outfeed fence shims, adjustable clear guard, starter pin and guard, two adjustable feather boards which attach easily to the table and fence, dual-outlet 15 Amp switch.

With all the features described above and the added accessories, you have everything you need in order to start and complete a lot of woodwork jobs in your garden and around the house. The features are well designed and are strongly made making it possible for you to use it for a long time.



  • RA1181 is a versatile router table. You will be able to accomplish different kinds of woodwork as it will allow you to work on different kinds of materials. Besides, it is built to enable you to achieve impressive precision.
  • The unit is safe to use. The off switch of this product is a nice safety feature. It is highly sensitive to the touch. The system will shut down immediately just at the slightest touch. There is no fear of accidental power-ons thanks to the design and placement of the on switch. It is located under a flap which you have to raise up before you will be able to switch it on. If by accident, you press or hit at this area, the system will immediately default to the off switch. Besides, it also comes with a lockout feature on power switch which can be very helpful for DIY dads or in an environment where there are little children. It comes with a removable key and so, once it is locked, children will not be able to switch on the machine and there is no fear of accidental switch on even if you don’t unplug the power cord.
  • There are two outlet power strip in the major switch of the table. This makes it possible for you to plug another tool with the router at the same time.
  • Table surface is made from aluminum and is heavy enough which adds a good weight to the workpiece giving it enhanced balance against vibration.
  • The unit is quite easy to set up and it is versatile in the sense that it can be used with a lot of routers. Given its versatility, it is suitable for different kinds of woodworks.



Despite all the impressive features and pros of this product, it still has some imperfections as it is evident from the few complaints of the previous consumers. However, the cons are not strong enough to advise against the purchase of the unit. Here are few cons:

  • The storage space is not roomy to accommodate all the parts and components of the unit you won’t be using for a particular work.
  • Though the power switch makes for impressive safety, it is quite oddly designed.
  • The user manual did not give clear description and instruction on how the nuts and bolts in the package are to be identified.



The RA1181 router table is a nice product designed and equipped with plenty of features which any DIY hobbyist will require in order to do any type of woodwork such as the construction of benches, cabinets, desks, and others in and around the house. It is sold for a reasonable price. It has impressive versatility and is also very easy to set up. You will get value for your money if you purchase this product as it is highly durable and functional.

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table Review

Kreg has become popular among do-it-yourself hobbyists and professional woodworkers thanks to their quality woodworking tools. The company is also in the production of router tables.

Kreg PRS2100 is one of the models of its router tables. It is a benchtop router table equipped with a number of features which together will make woodworking to be a breeze.

Given its impressive performance and affordability, it has received positive reviews from consumers. Here, you will find out the features of this product that makes it stand out from others, its benefits and drawbacks.




This Kreg router table features a MDF tabletop of 16 by 24 inches. Given the dimension of the tabletop, users will have enough space to work on different materials. In other words, with this router table, you will be able to do different woodworking projects thanks to its roomy tabletop. The stand bearing the tabletop is very strong as it is made of heavy-duty steel. The metal construction will provide enhanced durability and better stability during work.

PRS2100 is available in a moderate weight and dimension. With a product dimension of 19.2 x 30 x 4.8 inches and product weight of 28.4 pounds, it can be used for work around the house or for professional purposes. The weight can also carry weighty materials. Its 9.25 x 11.75 x 3/8 inch insert plate is big enough to hold a bigger router. The ability of the insert plate to carry different sizes of router enhances its versatility. The plate also features level loc reducing rings and levelers.

The router table comes with an industrial-grade fence. You can easily adjust and firmly lock the fence using the new cam clamps it comes with. Designed to serve as a vertical jointer, the fence of this product is very tough and capable of withstanding abuse resulting from everyday use as it is made of anodized aluminum.


Other features:

  • predrilled holes
  • thick rubber feet
  • miter gauge slot



  • It is a sturdy table thanks to strong metal materials used in making some of its important parts like the stands.
  • It’s a versatile router table due to the fact that its insert plate can bear different sizes of a router. Its tabletop can also be used to do a lot of woodworking projects because of its size.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • Its metal stand offers the required stability during work.
  • It delivers quiet operation.



  • Some parts are made from plastic materials which lacks the toughness of the metal parts.
  • If you care about the look of your router table, you may not like the design of this table.



PRS2100 is a good and versatile router table. It is sold at a very good price making it a good choice for woodworkers on a budget. Though it has impressive features and delivers superb performance, it still has some imperfections. Before you decide to purchase it, you should juxtapose the pros and cons to see if it will meet your requirements.

Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Review

Adding Bench Dog 40-102 to your tool collection in your workshop is a veritable investment of money and time as with the tool you will be able to produce an amazing woodwork with excellent precision.

The unit will enable you to make your table saw to be more versatile. It is a perfect replacement for an extension ring. This product is available in a compact design and this makes it the right tool for use in a workshop with limited space.

Despite its dimension and weight, it delivers impressive functionality thanks to the numerous features and components it is equipped with. However, before jumping into conclusion that this router table is the right tool for you, it will be good for you know the features of this product, its pros and cons and other details about it.

This will help you to make an enlightened choice as whether it is right for you or not. This is what this review aims at helping you to achieve. Read on to know much about this product.



Technical Specification

  • Model number: 40-102
  • Part number: 40-102
  • Product dimension: 32.2 x 21.7 x 5.1
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Colour: White
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Package includes: Mountain hardware, fence and router top



Equipped with a lot of features, ProMax 40-102 is made to suit all professional and DIY table saws with cast iron table thickness of 1-1/2″ and a depth of 27″. Below are some of the features of the product that differentiates it from other products.

ProFence: It hangs on special j-hooks when you are utilizing the saw. It is 28 inches in dimension. The ProFence is made from quality aluminum for impressive durability. The ProFence is not only evenly flat but also square and true.

Cast-iron top: The top of ProMax 40-102 is made from a castle iron which gives it impressive durability. With the mental construction, it will be able to bear heavy weight. The top is smooth providing you with a smooth surface.

Miter gauge track: This feature is able to adjust so that you will get an excellent flat or straight fit.

Dual Fence slot configuration: With this feature, you will be able to work from any of the table’s sides as you can rotate it to suit your working position. With the dual fence slot configuration, you are able to optimally utilize the surface area.

Third miter slot: It is located at the left side near the saw. It is meant for crosscut sleds handling.

MDF sub-fences: The designers of this product include a MDF sub fence which is the most suitable for the setting up zero clearance. You don’t need any tool in order to adjust this feature.

Thick plate: This is 3/8 inch in thickness.

Dust collector: The dust collector has a diameter of 2 1/2 inches. It traps dust generated during work and this ensures that you have clean work environment. Besides this, it has also a special bit guard.



  • It is available in compact design despite its amazing durability thanks to its mental construction.
  • With about 10 adjustment points, the router plate can become excellently even or leveled.
  • It does not vibrate when it is added to the saw and this helps you to achieve precise routing work. When the saw is added, it will be awesomely heavy but it does not deflect thanks to its toughness.
  • It has a good collection port and system. This helps to keep your work environment very clean because dust generated are trapped in the port.
  • It locks in place and has good adjustable width fence.
  • ProMax 40-102 has excellent quality and impressive durability.
  • It can be used in workshops where space is an issue.
  • It is affordable. Given the price for which it is sold, many people will be able to afford it.
  • It is a versatile product. Many consumers have appreciated its versatility which helps to achieve a perfect output.
  • This unit is quite solid thanks to the quality of cast iron used in creating it. A lot of mounting and t-slot screws are included in the package. Given its mental construction, it is able to withstand any hard working condition. It can bear a little abuse resulting from everyday usage.
  • This router table is very easy to use. However, you still need to check the user manual.



  • Though this product has been praised by many consumers for its impressive features, versatility and function, others are not completely pleased with it owing to some concerns.
  • The package does not include a router mounting plate meaning that you will need to spend around $55 or to purchase it if you need it.
  • You may have a problem with alignment of the router lift as there are some complaints against this in user reviews.
  • The above concerns are not too strong as to discourage the purchase of this product.



Bench Dog Tools 40-102 is a perfect option for all do-it-yourself hobbyists that are on budget. First time users should go for this Bench Dog router table because as they progress with woodwork, they may have a need to upgrade to more expensive ones. However, professional woodworkers can also purchase this product because it combines durability, versatility and affordability. So, you are going to use it for many years. A lot of consumers have rated this product high as a result of its excellent workmanship. It is a product of a reliable brand. So, there is no doubt that you will love the product if you purchase it. It is a product that will give you value for your money. If you have made up your mind to purchase this product, you should check online especially on Amazon as there is a wide collection of router tables there.

Kreg PRS1045 Router Table Review

If you are looking for a router table that will give you value for money, Kreg PRS1045 Precision is the one you should consider purchasing. The first good thing about this table is it provides a large space for the users. Besides, the package includes additional tools that will be useful in your work. It is a product that has all you require for excellent routing experience. It is strongly designed to suit for DIY as well as professional woodworkers to accomplish any task quickly, easily and with amazing precision. Whether you are a beginner in woodwork or a professional, you will be able to achieve your goal with it. Consumers who have used this Kreg router table before have also confirmed that it has all they need to obtain an excellent output.


Technical specification

Part number: PRS1045 Kit 1.1

Model number: PRS1045 Kit 1.1

Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 13 inches

Weight: 1 pound

Batteries: No

Package Quantity: 1

Extras: PRS7850 Table Stop, PRS3400 Set-Up Bars, PRS3100 Table Switch, PRS3090 Caster and PRS3100 Table Switch


T-square fence is very useful feature as it allows to square the fence automatically making it possible to make some adjustments. Beginners or first time users who are not used to fence adjustment will find this product useful. It is consistently parallel to the T-slot and the miter. The fence locks strongly in place and it constructed with high grade aluminum so that it will be able to provide support to large stock pieces. The face of the two sliding faces is meant to be used as a vertical jointer.

1.24 inches x 32 inches table top

This product comes with a specious tabletop which provides large workspace for users. It has a dimension of 24 inches x 32 inches. The tabletop is made from a durable fully enclosed aluminum extrusion material and thus with its durability, you will be able to use any wood on it for many years and nothing will happen to it. The table top does not sag because the edge is banded and reinforced with steel struts.

2.Two featherboards

Featherboards are important features in router table given that they offer security to the user. It prevents your fingers from getting into the router tool so that it will not be wounded. Besides this, they also provide support to the workpiece and make it to remain consistently straight. This product comes with two featherboards meaning that it gives enhanced security.

3.Precise insert plate

PRS1045 comes with an insert plate that is constructed with reliable and strong phenolic and it can be mounted on any router to give an excellent fit. When the router is mounted, you don’t get additional holes that will be of no use to you.

4.Level-loc reducing rings

Such rings matches the insert plate of the table easily and quickly. It gets fitted into it without requiring you to tighten any screw before it will become flat. The rings perfectly fit into the plate. Insert rings are available in several sizes which include 2.5/8″ hole (large bits), 1-3/8″ hole (that will match the porter-cable-style or universal template guide bushing).

5.Versatile steel stand

The router table top is supported and suspended on strongly made stand made from steel. The stand can be adjusted from 31 to 36 inches in height.

6.Dust collection port

Your work environment will not be littered with dust if you are working with this product thanks to the dust collector where the dust generated during the work will be trapped.

7.Easy-Slide ™

This feature of Kreg router tables helps to reduce friction during routing.


Owning and working with this product will give you a number of benefits. Below are some of the pros of Kreg PRS1045.

  • This unit is highly durable because of its essential units that provide supports to other components are made from high-grade mental materials which can be either aluminum or steel. Given its mental construction, it can withstand a little abuse to which it is exposed to in the workspace. Shocks from falls or woods have little or no effect on it.
  • The fence is quite easy to adjust. With one hand, you will be able to adjust the fence. Removing the fence and locking it securely in place when you are not using it are easy task to accomplish and does not require expert handling.
  • Working with this router table does not result in dirty work environment as the dust generated is trapped into the dust port that comes with it. After routing and doing all the wood, you won’t have to spend time again cleaning up dust.
  • The table is quite spacious and this will make it possible for you to do a lot of projects on it.
  • Versatility is another advantage that you will get if you are able to purchase this unit. It has two features of the product that makes for enhanced versatility. The legs are adjustable meaning that you will be able to position the surface at a height that is most suitable for you to work efficiently. Secondly, table is quite flexible and easy to work with thanks to the combination of the miter and T-track.
  • The package includes other added tools such as the castors, table, setup bars, two featherboards and switch. These added tools make your router table a good addition to your workshop.


  • It is expensive especially if you are a first time user. But this will not be an issue where money is of no concern.


Kreg PRS1045 is a router table that can compete in durability, versatility, functionality and in other aspects with other quality router tables in the same level with it. It is an embodiment of excellent construction and workmanship. It has a lot of features which any woodworker will find useful. I think, you will not regret it if you purchase this product especially if you are a beginner.

Best Router Table For The Money | Reviews | Comparison | Buying Guide

Before you begin any serious woodwork, a router table is the woodworking tool that you will surely require. This tool makes it possible for you to utilize a wood router as a stationary tool. Though router tables are available in different brands and types, finding and purchasing the best router table does not have to be a nightmare or something that will consume much of your time.

This guide will help you to make an enlightened choice as it reviews the best router tables available on the market and also points out the essential factors that you should take into consideration when making your choice.

If you choose from the list of router tables reviewed here and if you follow the tips given here when making your choice, you will end up choosing a product that will meet all your requirements and help you to do a nice work.

Best Router Table For The Money (Comparison)

Kreg PRS1045Standalone70lbs
Bench Dog 40-102 ProMaxExtension60lbs
Kreg PRS2100Benchtop28.4lbs
Bosch RA1181Benchtop34.4lbs
Bosch RA1171Benchtop45lbs
Bench Dog 40-001 ProTopBenchtop43.2lbs

PORTER-CABLE 698Benchtop37lbs

Best Router Table For The Money

1. Kreg PRS1045

Kreg PRS1045Kreg PRS1045 is a 54-pound tool which comes with three boxes containing the fence, table and stand. All pieces of this router table have impressive quality control.

It does not have any sharp edges, the holes are properly lined up. The nuts, bolts and screws have great quality as well.

The fence is made with a 36 inches heavy-duty anodized aluminum. The stand which is 29 inches high but can be adjusted to 35 inches high is made from heavy gauge steel.

The work table is a 24 x 32 inches in dimensions. It comes with other features such as easy-slide surface, adjustable measuring scale, dual fence locks and others.

It is highly durable thanks to its mental construction.  This product should be an option for you if you are a do-it-yourself hobbyists. It comes with virtually all the features you need for such a work. The fence system is easy to work with. Check Detailed Review


2. Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax

Bench Dog Tools 40-102Bench Dog Tools 40-102 should be an option for you if you have limited space in your workspace as it is created to fit into narrow spaces.

It’s also a nice tool that is very versatile as it can substitute the extension wing. It features a dual fence slot which can be rotated making it possible for the user to work from any of the table’s sides.

This arrangement helps to optimally use the surface area. The top of the tool is made from cast-iron. With the metal construction, it will withstand difficult working environment and conditions.

If you have a right-tilt cabinet-grade table of any type, it can be fitted on this product insofar as its cast iron table’s thickness is 27 x 1.5 inches in dimension. All contractor-grade table saw can also be used on this one. It is 32.2 x 21.7 x 5.1 inches in dimension and weighs 60 pounds. Check Detailed Review


3. Kreg PRS2100

Kreg PRS2100Kreg PRS2100 is an option for you if you are looking for a portable router table with the performance of industrial grade type.

It is designed to be used at home, job site or any workshop. It will not take much space in your workspace and yet it boasts of impressive functionality.

It fits both small and big routers. It has a dimensions of 19.2x30x4.8 inches and a weight of 28.4 pounds.

It features a table that reduces vibration thanks to the thick MDF used in creating it. The table is available in 16×24 inches size. It features a miter gauge slot. The stand that supports the table is constructed from heavy duty steel.

The feet of the stands are covered with thick rubber which absorbs vibration helping you to produce a clean work. If you want, you will be able to enclose the base thanks to the predrilled holes it comes with. It impressively reduces noise as a result of its open design. It is quite easy to mount the router on Kreg PRS2100. Easy-mounting of the router is made possible by the laser-engraved marking on the underside of the plate. Indeed, all you need from top router table is contained in this product. Check Detailed Review


4. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

Bosch RA1181If you are looking for a table that is compatible with a lot of routers, Bosch RA1181 is a router table you should know about.

This unit comes with 27×18 inches work surface which is big enough for routing and doing various kinds of woodworking.

Various kinds of routers can be used on it. Besides, it comes with a number of features that mark it out from other products you will find in the market today.

It is an option for any person that likes working in a clean environment. Dust generated in the course of your work with this tool is not littered and scattered all over your work environment.

It comes with a dust collector that traps dust generated as you work. The table top is made of quality aluminum and with its mental construction, it will last for ages for you.

The fence which is remarkably tall is made from aluminum as well. Bosch RA1181 is also very portable. With it, you will be able to store some of your working tools and thus freeing some space in your workspace thanks to its built-in cord wrap designed specifically for storage.

Its router mounting plate is made from rigid aluminum for enhanced durability and stunning accuracy of cuts. Bosch RA1181 which is available with a clear-coated aluminum top has a dimensions of 27x18x14.5 inches and a weight of 34.4 pounds. It is manually operated. Check Detailed Review


5. Bosch RA1171

Bosch RA1171Strongly created and designed to be mounted on any workbench, Bosch RA1171 provides the right work surface for different kinds of woodwork.

It is styled like a cabinet for enhanced nose reduction. The cabinet style of this router table also helps to ensure the workspace is clean and not littered with dust because it is able to trap dust and particles generated as you carry out your work.

The router mounting plate of this table is made from rigid aluminum. It is flat for accurate cutting and pre-drilling for different kinds of routers.

You will be able to work on taller work pieces on this table because its tall fence made from aluminum features MDF Face Places that can be adjusted to suit different heights of work pieces. It is made from aluminum.

It does not litter the work environment with dust because of the 2 dust collection ports it comes with. The product is secured from unauthorized usage thanks to its dual outlet switch which has 6 foot power cord. It weighs 45 pounds and has a dimensions of 4.8 x 27 x 24.2 inches. It is covered with a year warranty. Detailed Review


6. Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop

Bench Dog 40-001Bench Dog 40-001 comes well packaged in a box containing the fence, table top, bit guard, dust port, router insert plate, miter track, cabinet and mounting screws.

It is created for the use of amateur do-it-yourself hobbyist as well as professional craftsperson and it is equipped with all the features any user will require to produce the best woodwork result.

The router table comes with a heavy-duty aluminum fence. The fence is not only durable but also smooth, even and square.

The set up of this product is quite flexible. Depending on your needs, you are able to adjust the setup to meet your requirement.

Its miter accessory track made from quality aluminum can also be adjusted to suit any standard miter gauges. The fence and the table feature T-slot for easy mounting of fence risers, stops, switches and featherboards.

This unit also comes with dual fence slots to enable you work on large panels. With this arrangement, you will be able to turn the fence right round quickly to any direction you want. The product has dependable constructions required to handle any woodwork no matter how tough it is.


7. SKIL RAS900

SKIL RAS900RAS900 is a 32 pounds table with 27.7 x 17.7 x 9.5 inches dimension. It is designed for enhanced durability and easy routing and handling of other relevant wood work.

It comes with router mounter that is designed to attach and detach easily and in seconds. The table requires just little assembling thanks to its folding design.

It is easy to store this router table because the legs are foldable. Thus, when you want to store it, you simple fold the legs to make it more compact and in this way, it will not take more storage space.

When it is fully setup or unfolded, it offers impressive stability which is one of its features that differentiate it from other products in the market.

It is workspace-friendly thanks to its compact design and the storage bag it has where users can store some of its necessary accessories.

Other important features included in the package are a tall fence, guard, miter gauge and bit inserts, featherboard, a bit height gauge, a starter pin and guard, extra storage compartment and others. With this product, you will be able to achieve your woodworking goal. Detailed Review


8. Craftsman

CraftsmanThis is another quality router table that offers industrial grade performance even though it is available in portable size thanks to its 1 3/4 horsepower motor.

It is made for private use and cannot be used by any other person except the owner gives the person access to it thanks to its double outlet power strip that comes with a safety lock.

It is environmentally friendly as it does not litter the workspace with dust. Dust generated are trapped securely in the dust extraction port it comes with. The base holding the work surface is made of strong cast aluminum.

Given the quality of aluminum used in creating the base, it is capable of holding the surface and what is place on it.

The work surface is impressively smooth and it has a dimension of 334 square inches. The product comes with a number of features and tools which together make your work to be easier and more accurate.

It features hardware, three insure rings, miter gauge, two feather boards, wrench, 1/4 collect, fence, table and any other things you require in other to get started. It has a dimension of 26.3×15.9×14.7 inches and a weight of 25.4 pounds. Detailed Review


9. Porter-Cable 698

PORTER CABLE 698Porter-Cable 698 is an option for people that lack space in their work space or people that do not have enough strength to carry heavy items.

It is great for DIY hobbyists as it is portable and lightweight. It is created with lightweight machined aluminum.

With the quality of aluminum used in creating it, the product will last longer for you and will be able to bear the weight of the workpiece that will be placed on it. With its lightweight, you will be able to move it from one place to another.

It comes with an adjustable table which makes it possible for the users to handle different sizes of woods on it. The legs of the router table are tall and this provides enough space for most of the routers.

The fence of the router table has two parts which are adjustable to make it possible for you to work either laterally or front-to-back. You can mount and adjust the base of the router easily from the pre-drilled 3-5/8 inch table hole the product comes with.

Other features of the unit include multiple starting pin locations, 3/4-inch Miter Gauge Slot, Miter gauge and others. It has a weight of 37 pounds and 1x1x1inches.



Buying Guide to Best Router Table

One factor that you should always have in mind when you want to purchase a router table is that it is available in different types. It is important that you know how they differ from each other so that you will be able to choose a type that will meet your requirements. Here are the different types of router tables.

Benchtop router tables

Such tables are usually available in a compact design. Given their compact size, they can easily be mounted on a bench for ease-of-use. They are good options for do-it-yourself hobbyists and those who are just starting woodwork.

Free-standing or stand-alone router tables

Such tools are more expensive and have bigger dimensions than benchtop tables. However, they come with a number of additional features and they absorb vibrations better than benchtop routers. They are referred to as stand alone because they are not placed on any bench or other stable platforms as they are able to lift the piece to a height suitable for working on them.

Extension router tables

As the name already tells you, this is a type used to increase the space for your existing table saw. This type of tool will be an option for you if you have any plan of purchasing a table in the future.

Router and table combo

It is a combination of router and table. So, if you are in a need for a table and router, this should be a nice option for you as it will help you to save money.

Tables can also be classed based on the type of bases they come with.

Parts and accessories

The main router parts are: fence, lifts, tops, legs and wheels, mounting plates.


Thinks To Consider Before Purchasing a Router Table

There are certain factors that you should take into consideration purchasing a router table.

1. Router table top

Make sure that you purchase a table surface that is rigid and close. Rigidity is important in ensuring perfect cuts as it helps to guide against flexes. Purchasing a table with rigid top is also necessary to ensure that it does deflect as a result of router and plate weight. The top should also be flat for accurate cut.

2. Strong, stable and flat base

The base of a good router table is supposed to be rigid so that it will be able to bear the weight of the router. In this regard, you should consider the material used in manufacturing it. Mental materials such as aluminums are good options. The base should be stable during the work so that the workpiece will remain stable and consistently in contact with the cutter so that you will be able to make a cleaner cut. Besides, it can be dangerous to work with a table with unstable base. It can cause the table to topple.

3. Miter and T-Slots

It is advisable that you purchase a model fitted with a miter slot because you may have a need to do a task that will require a miter gauge. You will also require a miter slot if you want to secure featherboards and other accessories. The T-slots can also be used for securing the stops, featherboards and other attachments of the table.

4. Fence with high level of accuracy and ease-of-positioning

The fence is an important part of a table. You will require it in order to control the cut. For a fence to serve its purpose, it has to be straight, rigid, good adjustment, easy to position and square.

5. Consider accessories

You should also take into consideration accessories included in the package. This is very important because you will be able to do other works and maximize the functionality of your tool with good accessories.


It’s worth going the extra mile and leaving no stone unturned to ensure that you purchase the best router table. This is because having a good router table is a great investment of time and money. Besides, with the right product, your work will become a lot easier, more accurate and precise. The basic information you require in order to make an informed decision and enlightened choice is provided in this buying guide.

Bosch PR20EVSK Fixed-Base Wood Router Review

Bosch PR20EVSK will be a good addition to the tool collection of an advanced woodworker or any person with some experience in woodworking. It can also be purchased by experienced do-it-yourself hobbyists for work around the house.

It is a versatile router that can be used to carry out a lot of woodworking projects such as routing, dovetailing, dock planks, cutting, mortising hinges, trimming laminate flooring and others. Though it is available in a compact size, it boasts of impressive performance required for precision, accuracy and improved comfort.

But before you think that you have found your ideal router table, first read through this piece to know the various its features, pros, and cons.

Bosch PR20EVSK Fixed-Base Wood Router Review

Bosch PR20EVSK


Features of Bosch PR20EVSK Fixed-Base Wood Router

This Bosch wood router is equipped with a powerful motor of 5.6 amp. Spinning at a variable speed of 16,000 to 35,000 RPM and with a 1.0 horsepower which is the highest a router of this class can deliver, the motor provides enough power that makes routing and other carpentry works very easy to accomplish.

The user manual provides users with a chart that indicates not just the speed of each setting but also the type of work the speed of each dial position is meant for. The base of the router features a wheel for micro-fine adjustments.

This Bosch router has features that are very easy to use. 1/4-inch bits can be used on its collet. Unfortunately, 1/2 bit shanks can be used on it. With one wrench, you will be able to change the bit because of the front spindle lock on its motor.

However, in case you like using two wrenches, the package also comes with a shaft wrench. The speed dial can easily be accessed because it is located on the top of router.

The router comes has a number of features that make for convenience and safety during routing. For example, the router is a corded type but its cord does not constitute any obstacle to user during work because it is safely keep out of the way with an angled cord exit in the machine. For easy adjustment and movement from base to base, the manufacturers include the quick-clamps system to this product.

The package comes it all that you will require to start routing which include edge guide, fixed base, instructional manual, shaft wrenches, fixed base, edge guide.  and plunge base. For easy carriage and enhanced portability, it is provided with a case.



  • Value for money as the package includes most of the things required for basic routing.
  • It is a user-friendly tool. You don’t need to be an experienced woodwork to be able to operate this router.
  • It is a flexible and portable router as it can easily been taken to work thanks to the case include.
  • It can be used for different routing works.



  • It is important that you use wear hand gloves when working with this router as it can become very hot during use.
  • The absence of side handles is a big lack of this product.
  • The edge guide does not have any notches or markings.



PR20EVSK is a compact size router which can be used to carry out different kinds of woodworking. Even though, complaints have been made about the design of its spindle lock button, it is a value for money given its performance and versatility. But if you are looking for a router that will handle tougher projects, it may not be what you are looking for.

Porter-Cable 690LR Fixed-Base Wood Router Review

Porter-Cable 690LR is a reflection of excellent workmanship for which Porter-Cable is known for. Strongly created and equipped with 11 amp motor, this router delivers the needed performance, precision and accuracy required for a perfect woodworking experience. It has an ergonomic design and all the features required for ease-of-use, convenient, versatility and perfect operation. It can be used in different work environments including work around the house. However, despite the various benefits it will offer, it has some flaws which some consumers have complained against. Find out more about all features, benefits and drawbacks of this Porter-Cable wood router.

Porter-Cable 690LR Fixed-Base Wood Router Review

Porter-Cable 690LR



Features of Porter Cable 690LR Fixed Base Router

690LR comes with a fixed base. With such a base, it can be mounted on a table to carry cutting and other woodworks that cannot be done with a handheld router. However, if you prefer plunge or D-handle bases, you can use them on this router. But they are not included in the package. So, you need to purchase them differently.

This router has stunning power capability that differentiates it from routers in its class. It is equipped with motor of 11 amp which can produce a 1-3/4 horsepower spinning at 27,500 RPM. With such a horsepower, the router can handle different routing and cutting tasks both in a worksite or the house.

Precision machined aluminum is used to build the housing of the motor to protect it against impact and abuse resulting from everyday use. It also features a cam-lock lever which makes the release of the motor a breeze.

The collets of this router is designed to work with 1/2 and 1/4 bit sizes. This helps to make Porter-Cable 690LR more versatile as it can be used to do different tasks. Users will not find it difficult to change the bit thanks to the auto-release feature that it comes with.

This Porter-Cable router has some features that make it easy to work with. The two ergonomic handles that it comes with are examples of such features. The handles offer perfect grip and feel comfortable to the hands during work.

They are well positioned for enhanced comfort. The router comes with a micrometer depth adjustment system for improved accuracy and precision. With this system, the router delivers precise and accurate cuts.



  • It is available in a lightweight and compact design. With a product dimension of 10x10x8 inches and product weight of 9.4 pounds, it will be easy to work with the router. Besides, storage does not constitute much problem.
  • It is portable given its lightweight design and double ergonomic handles.
  • Its motor delivers good power to handle different works.
  • It is versatile as it can be used for work in different environments.



  • The power switch is poorly positioned and many consumers have complained against that.
  • It does not come with any storage compartment. Thus, users may find it difficult to have all their tools together in a place. Besides, the absence of storage compartment creates storage problems for users.
  • It does not have variable speed feature.



Though 690LR is a small router designed for lightweight tasks, it does a nice work which explains why it is top ranked among other routers in its class. It comes with the basic features and parts that you need to accomplish different woodworking tasks. Thus, you may not have to purchase any additional accessories when you have your package. It performs very well and has impressive versatility but do not expect too much from it.