The 3 Best Air Compressor Reviews 2018

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There are several devices which can help you in your daily life. One of these devices is the air compressor. Actually, an air compressor is a sort of device which converts power into kinetic energy.

This power is usually from a diesel engine, gasoline engine or an electric motor. Through this conversion, the air compressor can compress and pressurize the air and then it releases a quick burst.

There are numerous modes or methods or using the best air compressor. And these are divided into positive displacement and dynamic-displacement kinds. For you to know more about these different kinds, it is better to keep in touch on the succeeding topics and discussions.

Air Compressor Reviews

Types of Air Compressor

In looking the air compressor reviews, you should know first the different kinds or types of air compressor depending on their displacement. At least, you can have an idea on how to classify these devices according to their types and uses. For your reference, the following are several types of the air compressor depending on their displacements and functions:

Positive displacement

The compressors that are positive displacement can capture and draw in a certain volume of an air inside the chamber.

Some of the positive displacements are the following:


  • Reciprocating Piston Air Compressors

These kinds of air compressors can be divided into two categories namely; the double acting and a single acting.

In a single-acting type, an air is drawn and compressed in one side of a piston.

Then, the other corner is exposed to the compressor’s crankcase. Inside the case, the piston’s download stroke may draw in the air and its upward stroke will compress it.

On the other hand, the double-acting type has compression chambers in either sides or corners of a piston. On its downstroke, the air is primarily drawn on the piston’s top while the air is also compressed on its bottom side.

On its upstroke, the air is also drawn in on the bottom side and it will be compressed on its top side. This type requires locking of a piston rod. Therefore, a crosshead is utilized in order to eliminate the rod’s angular movement.


  • Rotary screw

Compressors that are rotary screw are one of the industry standards in a plant air compressor. It is from about 25-300 horsepower and these are now expanding into larger markets and even to those smaller markets.

These compressors can draw lubricant and air into a void that creates 2 helical mesh rotors.

When the rotor already passed by the pumps’ inlet port, its cavity will decrease in terms of its size because of the rotation’s reminder.


  • Rotary Vane 

This type is also the best air compressor that can be found in the marketplace. Its functions are just like on the operation of an air motor that has an off-center (turning/sliding vanes).


  • Dynamic Displacement 

Dynamic-DisplacementAnother type of air compressor is its dynamic displacement. Under this category, there are also several types of it that can be named as dynamic displacement.

Those dynamic compressors can speed up air into a very high velocity and they can restrict the flow of the air in order to reduce the velocity that causes the elevation of the pressure.

Some of these dynamic displacement air compressors are oil less and some of them are free of oil by nature. Basically, this type includes centrifugal types and axial.


  • Centrifugal

Compressors that are centrifugal draw air to the center of the impeller. Then, it accelerates the air outward and maximizes the perimeter. Most of the centrifugal compressors are utilized for manufacturing water-cooled.

The impeller of the centrifugal compressors can be driven up to its high speeds (75,000 RPM) through the use of lubricated gears.

Some of these are powered and direct-drive by series-wound direct current motors because of their high speed capabilities.

  • Axial 

Compressors that are axial utilize a series type of turbine blades that are just like of the appearance of jet engine. Using this type of compressor can also provide great benefits and advantages for you.

Some of these advantages are high volume capacity and the straight-through flow of air. Primarily, this type is utilized in industries.


Advantages of Using an Air Compressor

In looking for the air compressor reviews, always make sure that you can find numerous advantages and benefits out of the product that you want.

As much as possible, you need to prioritize those compressors that have great features so that you can gain unlimited goodness. The following are the main advantages of using an air compressor in the circulation:

  • They are less expensive than any other types or related devices out there.
  • They are more powerful which can be used in different activities and works in your daily living.
  • They have a large number of air capacity or CFM output.


Some specific benefits and advantages that you can get out of utilizing the best air compressors are listed below:

  • It can improve nailing and painting. Using an air compressor can help you to improve your experience on your specific works. It can definitely utilize as nail guns for specific purposes. Since it is difficult and challenging to install paint on huge surfaces evenly, you can make use of the air compressor as one of the aids for painting.
  • Quick inflation. Since an air compressor can release great air pressure, this can also be used for blowing or popping up such materials without difficulty. Any kinds of air compressors are very beneficial in inflating tubes of rafts, tires, kayaks, inflatable canoes and many more which a person would like to inflate manually.
  • Automobile industry. An air compressor is very primordial in any kinds of auto repair industries. Say for an instance in auto/vehicle service stations, there must be the utilization of the air compressor for inspecting the hydraulic jacks of the vehicles. Furthermore, several devices like grinders, wrenches, and drills for efficient work utilize air compressor.


Review of the Three Best Air Compressor

VIAIR 450P Automatic Function Portable Compressor


The VIAIR 450P is the only 100% duty cycle type of compressor that is portable. It can even run in some extended duration of time based on your surroundings and environment.

The designation of the automatic pressure system associated with it can maintain the inner tank pressure through the cycle of the power to its compressor motor.

It is also well-equipped with the simple squeeze of its handle. If you would like to know more about this type of air compressor, then you should know some of the air compressor reviews related to this product.

Some of its remarkable features can greatly help you with your work. It can be virtually used for sizes of tires and it can provide quick connectible inflation hose that has rubber and tire inflation gun over gauges of mold pressure.

Also, it has direct 2 heavy duty battery clamps that contain 40-amp fuse inline. Includes automatic shutdown function which powers down the entire unit once the device is in its functional mode.

It also contains a deluxe bag for tray’s anti-vibration and many more. At some point, it also read air pressure on the fly with an effect to use tire gun.

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Goodyear i8000 120-Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator

Goodyear i8000 120-Volt

One of the ideal types of air compressors present in the marketplace is the Goodyear i8000.

Most of the workers tend to buy this kind of product because of the benefits that they may get out of it. They say that it can only be purchased at an only affordable price but it is high quality compared to others.

It is a perfect choice for you too since it has 120-volt direct inflator that also contains Whisper Soft technology.

Because of this, it provides efficient and noiseless operation. It also contains inflation adaptors that can be utilized for the sporting rafts and pieces of equipment.

Aside from those things, it has 1-foot rubber air hose, 6-feet power cords and 17-feet air hose (PVC) for great experience and convenience. Because of this length of access, it can make your work easier. Thus, you can also experience a hassle-free to reach the tires of the vehicles.

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Black & Decker ASI300 Air Station Inflator – Electric Air Compressor

Black Decker ASI300

Another type of air compressor is the Black & Decker ASI300. This is an electric-type that uses electricity to make it function.

If you are looking for an electric type of air compressor, then you may also choose to buy this product since you can have an assurance is of high quality and affordable too.

It can mainly inflate bicycle, lawnmower, sports balls, vehicle tires and any other sorts of items without difficulty.

You can make sure that this type of air compressor can last longer because the materials used in manufacturing the product is made up of durable things. Aside from that, it is covered by 2-year warranty period.

That’s why any defects in the product itself can be properly addressed because of the warranty period. To ensure your remarkable experiences when using the product, it also includes needle inflator, extension, and standard tire nozzle.

Actually, many people also documented this product as the best portable air compressor in the market because you can also use this anywhere and you can also lift this item easily.

This is also covered by 2-year warranty period. So, you don’t have to be fret anymore about its quality performance level.

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What to Consider when Buying an Air Compressor?

Choosing an ideal air compressor would be quite difficult for you, especially if you don’t know what to seek for. It is because air compressors have a wide range of tools that are definitely designed for specific applications.

Aside from that, these have different types, styles, and designs which may give you unusual tastes and preferences.

So, for you to end up selecting the right and suitable type of air compressor for you, then you may refer to the following things and considerations as your guide:

  • Knowing the Basic Things about the Product­

First and foremost, it is very essential to analyze well what specific air tools you will utilize. You may probably use an air compressor for power duty machinery; for industrial purposes or you may opt to utilize it for some specific jobs like inflating tires or powering a type of caulking gun.

  • Consider the volume requirements and pressure that you will use

volume requirements pressureIf you didn’t choose an air compressor which is huge enough for your desired purpose, then you can find it difficult to use it towards your goal. Thus, it may decrease your efficiency in work.

  • Select between a portable or piston-type compressor

There are two important types of air compressors–portable and piston-type. It is essential to choose a specific type of it so as to guarantee best results depending on your works and objectives. Portable air compressors don’t have tanks and these run continuously to deliver the air which you needs. On the other hand, piston-type air compressors depend on motors that build up air pressure once these get depleted. Make sure that you know the essence and the specific advantages of specific type over its other type so as to achieve optimum results when you are already using the tool.

  • Consider the HP or the horsepower of specific air compressor

The most common range for an air compressor’s horsepower is from 1.5 to 6.5 HP. There are lots of larger HP air compressors that can buy in the market, but these are only intended to be used for industrial purposes. You may prefer to buy a lower horsepower for some small-scale projects or works at home.

  • Take a look at the CFM or cubic feet per minute

CFMCFM is used to measure the volumetric flow of an air compressor. Cubic feet per minute may change depending on the air compressor’s psi. The two different tools with exactly different psi will not have CFMs, which may simply add together. Try to explore how important this CFM in choosing a specific kind of air compressor.

  • Consider a power source

Try to ask yourself first if you always have electricity nearby or you are in a place where no electricity exists. If you are just always working adjacent to then outlet, then it’s advisable to select a drive system that contains an electric motor. However, if you are not working near the outlet, then you may be obliged to purchase a compressor that is powered via gasoline.

  • Consider portability and space

It is really practical to select a specific type of product depending on your place and weight. There are numerous types of air compressors that are small, large and portable. Portability of it should always be one of your considerations when buying the tool since it is more convenient to be utilized anywhere. However, if you just put it in one corner, then you might need a higher capacity air compressor and a longer hose for connections.

  • Choose an oil-lubricated air compressor

It is being proven and tested by many experts and users that air compressors that are oil-based are better to be used than those oil-free air compressors. It is because these can provide longer lifespan compared to the latter one. You may notice the longevity of the product if you will certainly take this tip and consideration when opting the right compressor for you.

At some point, you still need to be aware of the specific pros and cons of the oil-lubricated compressors to the oil-free ones since there are several drawbacks and benefits that you may get out of utilizing any of them.

These things and considerations that were cited above are some of the important pointers that you shouldn’t miss. It is because these would help you in choosing and purchasing the right one that is good for you.

Moreover, you can exactly choose a product that is relatively good for your works and projects which you are working.

So, try to be more knowledgeable about these things since these would aid you in catering all your concerns regarding the best selection for an air compressor.

Check out some more reviews in order to grasp new ideas about choosing and buying a specific type of air compressor in the market.

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So, when buying a specific type of air compressor, it is always imperative to consider a lot of things. As much as possible, you need to read numerous air compressor reviews online and be able to identify the best device to be used for your works.

After reading different reviews on any reliable sites online, you can get a lot of testimonials and comments about the product that you want. Any feedback coming from the customers will be helpful for you in deciding what to buy for good. So, come now and surf online to buy the ideal air compressor in the market.

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