Ingersoll Rand R1120 1/4″ 12V Cordless Ratchet Wrench Review

An electric ratchet makes technical tasks so much easier than they would, wrenching out. While Ingersoll Rand R1120 may not be quite popular among users for one reason or the other, it wins on various fronts, among them durability, convenience, and of course, power. It is a tool worth your time and investment. Let’s see … Read more

DEWALT DWMT70776L 3/8-Inch Square Drive Air Ratchet

Some fasteners can choose to be stubborn and in the process, make our task even harder. It is at such a time that you wish you had a better and more useful tool – we all do, one or another. Using ratchets can also take a significant amount of time to remove the bolts manually. … Read more

Gimars 12 Set SK5 Carbon Steel Wax & Wood Carving Tools

Every individual must start somewhere before they transition to the pro that they want. The same applies to wood carving. But to gradually gain the necessary skills and eventually produce impressive pieces, you need the right tools, the best wood carving tools. Gimars are a brand above many on the market for wood carving tools, … Read more