Nitecore Intellicharger i2 Charger Review

Nitecore i2

This product is a smart charger which is automated and compatible with most types of batteries that are rechargeable. This smart charger is able to detect when a battery has been inserted and has the ability to charge two batteries at ago. When in use the battery can automatically recognize the Ni-MH, Li-ion and Ni-CD … Read more

1/2hp 40 Inch 4 Speed Power Wood Turning Lathe 14×40 In Review

The choice of lathe you make says a lot about the kind of woodworker or carver you are. Wood Turning lathes help perform several functions such as drilling, knurling, sanding, or other tasks you need to complete on pieces. The main idea is the creation of something with symmetry – we can name a significant … Read more

Grizzly G0462 Wood Lathe with Digital Readout

Performance and dependability are the two features that make a power tool emerge above the rest. Wood lathes are some of those tools that contemporary woodworkers and carvers are increasingly finding indispensable. Any professional worth their title has a reliable lathe among their collection of tools – note the key word here is reliable. There … Read more

Voyager Tools 24″ – 40″ WOOD LATHE

Adding a top quality wood lathe is always the goal of every woodworker worth their salt. And if they can get their tool at a low price, then the better – there is no crime in grabbing a good deal when it rears its head. But always, make sure quality supersedes the price. It beats … Read more

Jet JWL-1015 Wood Working Lathe

For beginners, entry-level lathes that don’t cost too much make an excellent choice. However, as your woodturning skills move up, you need to step up also when it comes to equipment – in this case, the lathes. Unfortunately, the number of lathes in the market is not what we can call a handful – there … Read more