1/2hp 40 Inch 4 Speed Power Wood Turning Lathe 14×40 In Review

The choice of lathe you make says a lot about the kind of woodworker or carver you are. Wood Turning lathes help perform several functions such as drilling, knurling, sanding, or other tasks you need to complete on pieces. The main idea is the creation of something with symmetry – we can name a significant number in this aspect.

If you have some workshop somewhere where you create commercial pieces, then you will not need just any lathe. You will need a heavy-duty piece that will quickly take the stresses associated with continuous use. The following is a review of one of the good ones around that we are talking about.


Products Description

Wood Turning Lathe

With a 7-inch cutting tool and about 14 inches diameter, this wood lathe is something that is sure to impress – this is not to mention the 39-1/4″ cutting feed. It comes with four speeds that can quickly be set without a hassle – this includes a roughing off speed of 1100RPM, the general cutting speed of 1600RPM, a fine cutting speed of 3400RPM.

It may not matter to some people, apparently, but the wood lathe is approximately 4ft long – this is quite sufficient for woodturning tasks you may have lying around. It comes in standard body color of grey – it will match with the décor you have in your place work. The wood lathe is easy to assemble and comes with a readable manual.



  • Has a seven-inch cutting tool and 39-1/4″ cutting feed that ensure a decent working – the machine is up to the task as we say it.
  • It comes with four speeds for roughing off, general cutting and fine cutting – the choice is depending on the job you are doing and preference.
  • It is more than 4ft long ensuring that there sufficient space for woodturning.
  • It comes with 1/2HP and 350W motor with adequate power for turning most pieces – it is the standard motor power.
  • All the main parts are heavy-duty cast iron construction. However, the rest is made of heavy steel. The machine is therefore durable and has the stability to overcome the vibration from some of the hard pieces.
  • The drive spindle enhances the versatility of this machine – the out bork end makes it sufficient for large turning.
  • Weighs 63 pounds which is adequate for durability and necessary stability. If it were too light, then the vibration from turning would make it unstable and unsafe – you would not want such a relatively massive machine moving around.
  • The wood lathe is easy to set up and turns wood off the box. This is a feature any novice turner will love – no complicated pieces to assemble.
  • Replacement belts and other parts are easily obtainable.
  • You can quickly turn table legs and baseball bats with this wood lathe – it has the right length between centers for this kind of work.
  • The size of the spindle is M18-2.5 – not too bad for woodturning.
  • Comes with a user manual for easy assembly. The instructions are easy to understand, and there is no complicated jargon.
  • The speed changing knobs are easy to use – you turn to the necessary speed when turning.

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The fact that it is 4 inches long ensures there sufficient space for turning – professional turners will tell you how important this is. Furthermore, the machine will need to be maintained with time. The tightening bolts can come loose over time, and if you are not keen, the parts may fall apart, and this can be a health hazard.



The package does not include a lathe spur center. You will need to purchase separately.

It may not be the most long-lasting of lathes on the market. The face plate may come off with a period of continued use. The locking bolt may eventually lose its touch.

The lathe only works on wood and not steel or metal – so much for versatility.

Two plates are holding the two halves of the lathe together. This is quite limiting as it is challenging to anchor a live siding stop. In other words, working on anything above 17 inches is quite a hassle.

The pulley can also give when used continually for an extended period. But you can easily get a replacement piece if you need it.

It may also not be the best wood lathe for bowl turning – the tool rest is not wide enough. You will require bracket straps to correct this. The tuning mechanism is definitely not among the best.


Final Word

This can make a great addition to any workshop. The 4ft long wood lathe has the features any turner would need to create top of the range pieces. It is one heavy duty machine that you can use commercially. However, this tool is only right for woodturning. No steel and no iron.

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