AlumAseal ASBPI12-12PK Radiator Sealer Blister Card

AlumAseal ASBPI12-12PK Radiator Sealer Blister Card

This product is professionally designed for different vehicles and brands to eliminate leaks in the cooling system. Once you identify any leaking, you can use the sealer to bind it. This product does not cause any clogging in the cooling system. Use it by combining the powder solution with any antifreeze available. You can also use this sealer to lubricate your water pump which further protects it. It’s great in stopping leakages once you apply it to your radiator. It will provide a complete seal of any openings giving you the pleasure to hit the road again. You will find the more Radiator stop leak reviews here.


alumaseal radiator stop leak

It’s safe to stop leaks easily and very fast. Once you identify your leakage source then you can opt to get this sealer. A good way to notice any possible leaks in the warning light that your coolant is going down. This sealer is great for sealing an imminent leakage that has just begun and those originally there.

It is secure and effective for applying on rubber, plastic and metal cooling systems. The sealer works well on a variety of systems making it reliable and dependable. It is appropriate for use on small leakages and not huge ones.

It does not clog the cooling systems. When using this product, it will not clog your cooling system making it a secure option.

The product is compatible with all kinds of antifreeze and coolants. You can mix it with a variety of antifreeze thus very reliable for use anywhere.

Has the capacity to stop tubes from leaking in the cooling system.



  • The product is safe for use as it permanently stops small leaks in the radiator. It does the work perfect as it doesn’t allow any clogging to take place in the cooling system.
  • The sealer is easy to use and works quickly. Once you place it in the radiator, it facilitates fast sealing saving you time and energy. You can quickly commence your journey as soon as possible. once you notice the leak in your car cooling system act fast as this product will perform a quick fix. this way your car will be well protected preventing the problem from escalating.
  • The product size is small and can fit in any space and has great benefit. Thus, it’s easy for you to keep in your vehicle and use at any time that you need it. Before using the sealer make sure that your engine is off and cool. Pour it into the car radiator adding coolant to the appropriate measures. Close the radiator and embark on driving the vehicle. The binding can only take place when the car is on the run.
  • The fact that the sealer provides fast sealing to your radiator will save you money to purchase a new radiator which could be expensive. This is as long as you identify the leak earlier enough to apply the product.
  • The price of the product is less expensive thus affordable by many. This will further save you from the expenses of getting other types of expensive sealers and may not be as effective.
  • It can effectively function on either rubber, metal and plastic cooling systems making it reliable and safe. It’s therefore important to determine the kind of materials your radiator is made of to avoid further damages. Some products do have chemical combinations that might damage your radiator and thus the need to exercise care. It’s also important to determine the capacity of your engine. This is because some sealers are meant for heavy duty and not otherwise.



  • The product is not able to provide the solution to larger openings within the cooling system thus limiting its usage.
  • You can only tell that the product has sealed the leakages upon further driving once you put the product. This could be risky if one works on assumptions, especially in a situation where they leakage could huge.


The product has been well rated among other similar products due to its quick and fast action. It is therefore reliable for application to your car as well as water pumps giving it multiple usages. Simply identify your vehicles engine capacity as well as the materials used in the radiator before using it. This will ensure that you are using it for right purpose and capacity so as not to spoil your system. Besides this, the price of the sealer is cheap making it affordable. It’s easy to carry and store it in your car due to its tiny size. Go ahead and give it a try.

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