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Top 5 best plunge routers fine woodworking

If you are working in a modern workshop or love woodworking, you need a plunge router to make patterns in the middle of the board, cut dados, tenons and mortises.

A Router is a typically designed tool where the cut depth in a plank of wood is present. And by lowering the bit in the wood, a detailed profile is added to the board’s edge. They create versatility in woodworking.

There are many types of routers launched from different brands. Which one to choose? I love to focus on buying the best plunge routers for fine woodworking than a fixed base router. A plunge router permits fine-tune the depth of the cut on the router’s face.

Plunge routers are more versatile than a fixed base router and ensure bit protection. They remove materials in stages to prevent hogging. On the other hand, fixed base routers are lightweight, and their lower center of gravity maintains balance perfectly. They are more compact and easily can be mounted upside down.

Though complex in structure and more expensive than a fixed base model, a plunge router created mentionable hype among the users. Let’s check out some premium quality plunge routers for your consideration.

Best plunge routers fine woodworking- review 2020

Well, it’s not the model you should consider while buying a plunge router; it’s the features that should be brought into the limelight. The router that can cope with your workload should be the most suitable one for you.

DEWALT Router (DW625)

DEWALT router is a plunge based router with full wave variable speed between 8000 and 22000 RPM. The model has a heavy-duty, powerful, and smooth-running motor of 3Hp. So it is not dead easily.

This model is comparative a bit heavy than the other model of the brand. The products weigh about 11.2 pounds. The router base is parallel to the benchtop and made of aluminum—the dimension of the base is5-5/8 x 6-11/16 inches.

The product has a micro-fine bit depth adjuster for the best and accurate depth setting experience. The router contains two collects of ¼ inch and ½ inch. The dust extraction adapter allows us to control and absorb the woods’ small pieces and dirt while working.

Clamp the wood on a workbench before working. It helps to reduce the unnecessary motion of the workpiece. When the router is turned on, it starts with a soft start. A soft start ensures no jerking even in the zenith of the speed.

The rack and pinion depth adjuster, magnified scale allows fast depth setting, whereas phosphorous bronze bushings ensure smooth plunge.


  • Motor: 15 Amp motor with 3 Hp power.
  • Rack and pinion depth adjuster, magnified scale, micro-fine bit depth adjuster.
  • Two collets of ½ inches and ¼ inches measurement.
  • Features a dust extractor adapter, template guide bushing adapter, and wrench.
  • Weight: 11.2 pounds.


  • Heavy-duty, powerful motor.
  • Variable speed ensures the quality finish of all the material even under load.
  • An ergonomic handle ensures a firm grip.
  • Ensures fast and accurate depth setting.
  • Dust extractor saves cleanup time and protects health.


  • Cheaply made and poor quality handles.
  • The base is comparatively narrow.

This product is absolutely a monster when it comes to a pile of workloads. It is worth to be your workshop companion.

Bosch MRC23EVSK combination router

The premium quality product comes with some versatile features. Let’s start with the motor. The power of the motor becomes the main concern while performing tough routine tasks.

The 15 Amp motor has a power of 2.3 Hp. The torque produced inside the motor results in a variable speed between 10000 to 25000 RPM. The soft-start motor works without jerking. So there is no fatigue. You can easily adjust the speed with the speed dial.

The depth of cutting is preset in the motor, and the motor’s trigger control system enhances the control over the entire work. The threaded holes made the router table mountable.

The electronic modular router system provides a fixed base and a plunge base for the router. The fixed bade diameter is 6 inches, whereas the diameter of the plunge base is 7 inches. The router boasts constant response circuitry with precision –centering system and makes a perfect cut every time.


  • Motor power: 2.3 Hp and load RPM ranges: 10000 – 25000.
  • Power source: corded and voltage- 120 volts.
  • Trigger control system in the handle.
  • Fixed base diameter- 6″ and plunge base diameter- 7.”
  • Adjustable depth stops and LED light.


  • Soft start ensures no jerking.
  • The trigger control system ensures firm control.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • LED light provides outstanding vision.
  • Variable speed ensures excellent finishing.
  • Makes precise cut every time.


  • Some users complained wrenches had rust spots.
  • There might be some stretches while shipping.

No router can compare to the product in terms of stability and workload handling. Do not forget to inform us if the features are just what you want in your plunge router.

DEWALT 20V Max XR Cordless Router, brushless, tool only (DCW600B), black-v186, mini-v 186

We have already included a model of plunge router from the DEWALT brand. But it differs from the former as it is a cordless router that runs on a lithium-ion battery.

The model features an electronic brake. The brake slows down the motor as fast as possible after turning off and saves energy. The powerful motor renders 1.24 horsepower, which accelerates the speed from 16000 to 25000 RPM.

There is a depth adjustment ring on the router. Preset the desired depth with the help of the ring and avoid excess cutting from the workpiece. If the light in the room you are working in is not sufficient, switch on the LED light. 40-watt bulb helps to illuminate the workplace.

The release clamp on the cordless router ensures a quick bit and smooth base change. The complete plunge router is made of ABS.


  • Router speed: 16000 to 25000 RPM.
  • Power source: cordless.
  • Runs on a lithium-ion battery.
  • Features a depth adjustment ring and a release clamp.
  • A LED light.


  • The depth adjustment ring ensures fast and easy height adjustments.
  • LED light illuminates the work surface.
  • Portable for being cordless.
  • Maintains speed for a precise cut.
  • Light-weighed.
  • Easy to use and has plenty of power.


  • The battery might run out while working.
  • Lacks a handle and the shaft is much thicker to grip with a small hand.

This small router is the most suitable one on the list for daily use. It has the best stability among all.

Bosch 120- Volt 2.3 Hp electronic plunge base router MRP23EVS

Do not get confused reading the name of the product. Yes! You got it right. Bosch 120- volt plunge based router is the second product of Bosch we are going to review. Don’t think that we are being paid to add the product to our list. It is the features of the product that made it worth it.

The plunger base model features a 15 Amp motor of 2.3 Hp, generating 10000 to 25000 RPM. The power switch of this electronic plunge router is situated on the handle. The trigger control system controls the router’s overall activity, so it is magnificently convenient to use.

You can easily match your required speed and maintain it throughout the cut using a variable speed dial. A micro-fine depth adjuster obtains the plunge setting. Just go easy with the flow.

The LED light is also present in this model, like the former. What’s new is its cord swivel that adds mobility.


  • 2.3 Hp powerful motor and 10000- 25000 RPM speed.
  • Features After lock micro-fine bit- depth adjuster.
  • Features spring-lock plunge lever, depth rod, and LED light.
  • It features Bosch’s constant response circuit and rubber handles.
    ¼ “and ½” self- releasing collet chucks.


  • Ensures the best control.
  • It can precisely match the cutting speed to the material.
  • Ensures easy plunge routing.
  • Delivers constant speed throughout the cut.
  • Adds mobility and cost-effective.
  • Ergonomic handles are firm to grip.


  • Not suitable for professional uses.
  • The plunge function is not very smooth.

Though the model might not be suitable for professional users, if you love to perform woodwork in your leisure, it would not be a barrier to your purpose.

HARVET R0700 1.25 HP 6.5 Amp variable-speed palm compact router.

HARVET R0700 is the last plunge router on our list. I have seen my dad using the model for making a bookshelf. It is small and handy.

The 6.5 Amp motor is of 1.25 horsepower. The variation in speed allows fine trimming from the perspective of the material. The trim router is not suitable for plunging. The metal base ensures the stability of the product.

I did not see any bit coming with the package of the router. So I am sure the HARVET routers are not shipped with the bit. It is though a bit annoying that you have to buy a bit separately. It is both time and energy-consuming.


  • 6.5 Amp motor of 1.25 Hp.
  • Metal base.
  • Features a variable speed dial.
  • Weight: 5.99 pounds.


  • Small and handy.
  • Variable speed for a particular purpose.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Easy to set depth.
  • Provides stability.


  • Do not come with a bit.
  • There is a slight jerking while cutting.

It is not a heavy-duty tool but sufficiently handy for your hobbies and repair works.

Final verdict

There is a misconception that the larger, heavier, and expensive plunge router is the best. No! How great the product is and how long it will last depends on the features and material, respectively. So, do not leave any room for consideration. Need help? Follow this “best plunge routers fine woodworking” review article. So, best of luck in your hobbies exploration.