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The 5 Best Sawhorse Reviews and Buying Guide

If you are doing woodworking projects, you will need the sawhorse. The sawhorses are flexible, and many of them are portable. So it allows you to transfer the product from one site to another site with ease. This the most useful tool for beginners and also for professionals. This tool’s need arises wherever you don’t have the luxury of a worktable to cut and do other works on the table. You can easily use a pair of sawhorse and plywood or even an old door to create a worktable. This workbench is very much needed since while making the woodwork, you need a stable base.

The necessity of sawhorses arises in preparing furniture and other wood related works, where there will be no scope for inaccuracy while sawing wood. Hence, sawhorses help to get rid of this issue and provides much-needed comfort and flexibility.

The other problem people usually find in modern homes is the lack of enough space. But you can get the foldable workhorses and fold and keep it aside when you are not working. The adjustable sawhorses are highly versatile, and you can adjust as per your needs. The sawhorses are usually strong, so you can rely on them and perform heavy-duty tasks. Many of the sawhorses support up to 1,000 pounds. Yet, when they are not in use, you can easily slide under a bed and save space. So, if you are looking to purchase the best sawhorse, you have landed on the right page. We have listed the top five sawhorses to consider and a guide to select the best sawhorse.

WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair

Many professionals always recommend the products from Worx because of its top-quality products. They also produced one of the most reliable sawhorses. The show horse pair of Worx is engineered to provide long durability, effectiveness, and easy to carry. These are the qualities many DIY enthusiasts looking for in the sawhorses, and hence this product proves to be very beneficial to perform sawing work in tight workspaces. In this model, you can attach the clamps directly to sawhorses in the absence of tools.

The tools available in this sawhorse are capable of holding the objects with a width of a maximum of 18 inches, and you can align them either vertically or horizontally. That means you have the freedom to perform your sawing activity from any angle. You can also detach the tools and use them on other projects. The product is a foldable design, and it let the workers fold and carry to any place with ease. Since it can be folded, it saves a lot of space while storing it.

The sawhorse is made of thermoplastic polymer material; they bring lightweight quality. But the lightweight quality of this sawhorse pair will not affect the durability. The item weighs 16.3 pounds. If you use it collectively, it is capable of sustaining a load of a maximum of 1,000 pounds. It comes with cord hooks and an inbuilt shelf to store tools, cords, and other accessories. The transportation of this product becomes easier since the sawhorse’s depth after folding is 2.5 inches. Like other Worx tools, these are also designed with cutting edge technology, and you can assemble the parts yourself. The product’s price is also affordable, and the clamps can act as a pair of strong hands, so you can easily perform large projects alone. The only thing which can become a drawback is the narrow base.

Key Features

  • Available with customer made pair of clamps
  • Easy to transport because of lightweight
  • It can handle the weight of 1,000 pounds.
  • The storage shelf allows you to store accessories.
  • The entire product is made of durable material.
  • Easy to fold and store

Stanley 011031S FatMax Sawhorse with Adjustable Legs

The need for the Best Sawhorse is immense these days. If you have good quality and robust sawhorse, you can use that for many things. If you are looking for one such durable and robust sawhorse, you can get it from the Stanley Store. While you are working with different types of pieces, adjusting as per the size of every piece arises. The Stanley 011031S FatMax Sawhorse fulfills your such needs. When considering the adjustment needs, without any doubt, you can go with this sawhorse.

The 011031S provides an exceptional slide mechanism to make your work smooth, convenient, and comfortable. The stability of this sawhorse is enhanced by the rubber material inserted. The adjustable legs enable you to align the leg as per your needs. The best feature of this sawhorse is its capability of standing firm on all kinds of surfaces. It can even stand on uneven surfaces. This sawhorse is very stable thanks to its steady and well-designed legs built with polypropylene and steel.

It comes with two tiny parts, two lid organizers, and you can access them without unlocking your toolbox to provide sufficient storage. The grip also fantastic in this sawhorse since they come with a soft and wide rubber finish. This sawhorse arrives with an in-built padlock eye and tiny locks to secure all the contents of this sawhorse. The latches of this product are made with nickel metal, and it provides a good finish. Overall, the product is perfect, and anyone can add it to their arsenal of the most useful products. The product is priced at a reasonable price, and you can get the benefit out of it. The robustness of this product is good and, as a result, you can use it for many years.

Key Features

  • It stands firm on many surfaces
  • Effective storage tray
  • Excellent grip with rubber made material
  • It can be fixed on even uneven surfaces.
  • The nickel-plated latches
  • Fully adjustable legs

Amazon Basics Folding Sawhorse – Set of 2, 900 Pound Capacity

Without a doubt, one can easily go and purchase this item, and the value for money is guaranteed. The product from Amazon Basics is quite handy and comes with a bundle of attractive features to fulfill your needs. The Amazon Basics folding sawhorse is rated high by most users who have used this product and benefit. It covers most of the traits you want to have in a sawhorse at a reasonable price tag.

The overall weight of this product is 10.27 pounds. As a result, you can easily maneuver with your one hand. On the other hand, even if it is lightweight, it is not compromising with the sturdiness. The tool provides a solid feel whenever you are using this item. Whenever you are buying the items these days, the first thing you need to worry is about the assembling of all the parts. The problem becomes more severe if you are buying from online stores. But this problem is not associated with sawhorse since this tool comes as a fully assembled product.

Not only for home usage, but this two-pack sawhorse product is also highly practical for professional construction. Additionally, it also gives a beautiful appearance with an orange spark and alluring grey designs. Many features of this sawhorse are useful, and it surpasses all the expectations of the customers. After considering the price with the available features, you can conclude that this product’s price is very affordable.

One of the best things about this item is foldability. You can easily fold this product, and it becomes more convenient for transportation and storage. It also comes with safety features such as locking braces, non-slip feet, and fold-out stoppers. The only concern with this item is the fixed height. The non-slip rubber feet are perfect for mounting on almost every surface.

Key Features

  • Easy to transport
  • Foldability help to store it within less space
  • It comes with numerous safety features.
  • Can be mounted on any surface
  • Made with sturdy materials
  • No need to assemble

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty (DWX725)

Dewalt’s sawhorse is aptly named as a saw stand since it is a heavy-duty sawhorse and can be used as a worktable. You can purchase two sawhorses and make it a worktable by using a piece of plywood or an old door, or other identical materials. The foldability is another excellent function of this sawhorse, and it will make your transportation job easier. By folding this, you can save a lot of space, and it helps immensely if you have less room in your home or while you are traveling.

It comes with levers on its legs, and by using that, you can lock the legs into a fixed place. This feature makes your work more comfortable without the worry of ever moving and falling after that. Whenever you are not using this stand, you can fold it with ease and store it safely.

The product from Dewalt is made for heavy usage, and as a result, it becomes an ideal choice for professional workers. Usually, the contractors need to carry all their tools wherever they go. This product becomes very handy for those professionals who visit many sites and also require a sturdy stand. For those people, it acts as a simple to use and efficient tool. The body of this saw stand is made using aluminum material, this also makes the overall weight of the stand less, and it also reduces the effort of transporting and handling. The aluminum body also saves the stand from rust and make it more durable.

It can handle the weight of 1,000 pounds, and you can efficiently perform heavy jobs. The leg levers make the setup process easy. To make the transportation of the pair of stands easier, it comes with a transport latch. The price may seem a significant concern for many people.

Key Features

  • Easy to transport
  • You can convert two saw stand and make a worktable.
  • The levers help to lock into the ground securely.
  • Can handle the weight of 1,000 pounds
  • Foldability helps to store the stand in less space.
  • Available with a transportation latch

Stanley STST60952 Jr Folding Sawhorse (2-Pack)

Stanley is offering many useful tools to make most of our work comfortable. There are numerous reasons why this model from Stanley is considered the Best Sawhorse. The significant features such as simplicity for setting up and lightweight make moving and handling this sawhorse easier. The foldability is the thing many people are looking for while purchasing the sawhorse, and you can get this feature in this product.

The ability to fold the sawhorse help to eliminate the problem of more space requirement. Hence, once you are not using the folding sawhorse, you can fold and keep it aside. The sawing stand is well balanced, and thus you cannot get any instability issues. Additionally, with the help of integral ‘V’ grooves, users can hold different types of materials effortlessly while you are sawing. The sawhorse is also designed beautifully, and it would look impressive and let the workers focus only on sawing. You can place plywood and convert it into a workbench.

The Stanley folding sawhorse weighs only one pound, and it makes the transportation job easier. You can easily transport from one working site to another. The sawhorse can able to handle the maximum capacity of 400 pounds. The product is available in a pack of two. Hence you can leverage up to 800 pounds. So, you can able to carry out small to medium-duty works with comfort. If you align the sawhorse, you can get a height of approximately 32 inches, and it comes with a shelf. The shelf is capable of holding many accessories. You can safely keep all the small tools inside the tray. If you want to look for any flaw in this sawhorse, there is a problem. You might have the problem of hurting your fingers while folding, so one must take more care while folding it.

Key Features

  • It can hold 800 pounds (400 pounds per sawhorse)
  • It weighs only one pound and makes it easy to carry
  • Available with tray to keep the accessories
  • Easy to install the sawhorse with V Grooves
  • Easy to transport
  • Requires less space with a foldable feature

Buying Guide


The durability is one of the main things which decides the rightness of your choice. The material used to produce the sawhorse determine how long your sawhorse can last. Using the sawhorse for DIY and professional projects table made with quality wood is recommended if you are looking to use the sawhorse. You can get aluminum and other material made sawhorses. They offer both durability and lightweight.


The comfort while performing your job is most important. The comfort will come with the right height sawhorses. The selection and the ideal height are depending on your project. But we recommend you select a sawhorse that offers adjustable height and length options. Those types of sawhorses are available in the market, and you can use that on all projects by making the required adjustments. The products can vary from 25 to 40 inches based on brands.

Loading capacity

The sawhorses will come with different loading capacities based on the price and your requirements. You must pay more attention to the sawhorse’s loading capacity because if you choose a low-capacity sawhorse, the chances of collapsing while working are more probable. The right capacity depends on the nature of your project. You can get the loading capacity up to 1,000 pounds in the major sawhorses.

Storage option

Working on woodwork projects involves using many tools, and the need to keep the tools in a safe place is needed. Many sawhorses are available in the market, and most of them come with a storage option. This feature is required when you are dealing with small objects. Additionally, the option to fold the product is a must if you are looking to save more space while storing. The folding feature also helps to transport this item from one place to another with ease. It also assists in handling while moving from one place to another.

Price and brand

In the current market, there are many sawhorses available at different prices and brands. Hence, you need to do some research before making your purchase. After determining your requirement, durability, foldability, and other features, you can buy the sawhorse. The selection of the right brand is also important because some brands offer quality products at an affordable price. However, even if you have to pay a little more for the quality product, it is ok since it lasts longer.


The need for having the best sawhorse is more in the furniture and other wood related works. However, the selection of the required sawhorse is not easy since there are a lot of things to cover and take into consideration before buying. We hope the detailed guide provided so far will make your choice more comfortable. However, still, you feel more confused about which product to choose, you can consider the top five sawhorses provided in this article. All of them are top quality products, and you would not regret buying any one of those.