Best Wood for Whittling

Best 5 Wood for Whittling

Playing with the knife is not suggested to anyone. Still, many people want to use the knife and get a weird thrill. Yes, you can do that! Only if you turn that urge to do something beautiful and creative. Carving the wood and producing stunning art pieces are a great way to do that. Of course, you need a little guidance and practice to avoid doing whittling and then searching for the first aid kit. Whittling wood is one the oldest hobby of humankind, and we can say that people were doing this art since sharp things and sticks were lying around them. This hobby is transferring from one generation to another for centuries. Generally, to start any artwork, you need a huge investment and a lot of skills. But it is not the case with Whittling Wood. It requires very little skill and less investment to procure all the necessary equipment. Many people turned it into a hobby because it gives a lot of relaxation and acts as a soothing therapy. To do the neat and beautiful whittling wood, you need a lot of concentration and practicing this regularly improves your focusing skills. If you spend your time in a park or garden or some peaceful place and start doing whittling wood will give a perfect break from the busy and noisy modern-day life.

The gathering of all necessary stuff and reserving some of your time is enough to create eye catchy whittling wood. If you are searching for the best wood for whittling, we are providing a list of such woods to make your woodwork smooth and stunning at the same time.

Best Value Premium Smooth Wisconsin Basswood for Carving or Whittling. Suitable for Beginner to Expert Carvers and Whittling.

Basswood is the perfect choice for doing whittling wood. They are smooth easy to carve out. In our list of Best Wood for Whittling, the basswood product from Canusa craft gets the first place. This product is regarded as one of the best whittling woods available in the current market. This product’s manufacturer claims that their product contains 25 percent more wood than any of its competitors. This product is specially made for beginners and as a result, working with the product becomes very easy. You could use this product and shape your creativity into different pieces of artwork.

You can find all the features required to make your carving with basswood easier. The softness of basswood allows you to carve it with little effort, and at the same time, a pale color allows the wood to shine once the carving is completed. As mentioned earlier, it is made specifically for beginners, and as a beginner, one should not worry too much about grain and getting the specialized knife to complete their work.

The product is completely made internally, which means it is not an imported item. This product is grown, manufactured, packaged, and distributed only inside the United States. The harvesting and processing of these woods are also inside the nation. So, you can find the authentic United States grown wood to make your special wooden carving.

To cater to the need of different users, it comes in two sizes. The kit comes with 8 blocks and 2 blocks packages. The 8 blocks measure 1×1 inch square and 6 inches long.  The other one with 2 blocks measures 2×2 inches square and also measures 6 inches long. The package weighs approximately 3 pounds. The wood is a creamy soft, and kiln-dried product to prevent cracking while working on it.

Key Features

  • The authentic basswood provides a smooth texture.
  • Pale color provides a great finish to your art.
  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • Perfect product for beginners
  • It contains 25% more wood than competitors.
  • Lightweight pieces

Walnut Hollow Basswood Whittlers Carving Blocks

The whittling wood from Walnut Hollow is another best product that one cannot simply ignore. This manufacturer is one of the leading providers of wood surfaces, accessories, and tools for art, hobbies, and crafts. If you want to know why it is, you need to look at its features. This product is also made with basswood, so the tension of choosing the best wood type ends here. The products are produced in the Walnut Hollow factory in Wisconsin, and it is harvested in the United States. One of the best things about this product is the large number of options you can choose from. Another good thing is you can also buy blocks individually. The single blocks also come in different sizes. The addition to this, you also have the option to buy sets with three and ten pieces.

To get a smooth texture, the base wood pieces are kiln dried and processed. The soft finishing of the wood pieces helps to make the carving job easy. You can get each individual piece without any knots. Additionally, the wood pieces are lightweight, and this feature makes it easier to fix the wood on various surfaces using glue. This product’s overall shipping weight is just 0.5 pounds, so you can estimate how lightweight this product is.

The significant plus point of this whittling wood is the price. They are offering relatively less priced products without compromising on the quality. It also suits the needs of all levels of expertise people; if you are a beginner, we would recommend you purchase bigger pieces. It doesn’t matter what the level of mastery of yours in the field of wood whittling is. You can use these wood pieces and create attractively and in-detailed carvings. Since the wood is not easily getting grain, you can make these detailed carvings easily.

Key Features

  • Professionally kiln dried and sanded for easy carving.
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • You have many choices for buying, including 3piece, ten-piece, and individual piece sets.
  • Very lightweight
  • Ideal for making intricate carvings

PREMIUM Wood Carving Kit with 8 Piece Wood Carving Tools & 10 Wood Blocks for Kids and Adults

JJ care brings this wood carving set with many attractive features, so this naturally finds its place in our Best Wood for Whittling list. The kit contains basswood carving blocks (ten) with eight units of SK10 carbon steel tools. Not only these items, but the kit is also available with one grinding stone. In short, if you are a beginner or advanced woodcarver, you will get everything to start your favorite time without wasting in gathering other items. It is the best thing for beginners since it gives a fair idea about what you need to purchase for the next time.

This kit is very useful, and the application of this are numerous. You can use this kit for vegetable and fruit carvings, wood whittling, soap whittling, and others. You can use this kit and be ready with pumpkin carvings decorations for the next Halloween. The texture of these blocks is very soft, so the users can easily carry out their carvings work with less effort. The other advantage is that it comes with more blocks per kit than other competitors we have provided on this list.

The wood used to produce these blocks are basswood. Hence, like other basswood blocks, it also arrives with standard features such as pale color, softness, etc. The tools available in this kit are made of SK10 carbon steel with an electrolyte coat. Thus it provides more stability and offers more durability.

The handles of these tools are ergonomically designed, so it provides more grip. The handles are made with beechwood. This ensures more comfort to the users and even if you spend many hours continuously. It serves the needs of every user, including experienced and inexperienced users from all age groups. Since the kit contains everything to continue your work from scratch, you can consider this kit to provide as a gift for your loved ones.

Key Features

  • Great tool kit for kids to adults
  • Complete kit to start your whittling job
  • Available with 10 SK-7 carbon steel tools
  • Beechwood made handle with ergonomic design.
  • Professionally kiln-dried product
  • Best kit to carve wood and veggies

BeaverCraft BW10 Basswood Carving Blocks Set

If you are still looking for the Best Wood for Whittling, you can consider the Beaver Craft BW10 carvings set to embark on your journey. This product helps you start your amazing journey of woodcarving with ideal wood pieces. The basswood comes with almost no grain, and also carving becomes easy since it is very soft. So it serves both entry-level to professional level woodcarvers. This kit comes with 10 pieces of wood, and you can use them and apply your imaginations to produce the best wood cravings.

The BeaverCraft carving wood set consists of natural carving wood, and it is odorless, and it doesn’t cause any allergic or other problems. The basswood pieces are soft, and once you finish your work, it looks stunning since naturally, it gives a shiny, sleek, and appealing look. Still, if you want to make your wood carving look stunning, you can color it using your favorite color. The wood is made from an excellent quality tree, and it absorbs any color in less time and gives an attractive look.

All ten pieces of BeaverCraft wood pieces come without any knots, so you can easily carve without the worries of breaking it. In the 10 pieces pack, you can get 8 pieces of wood blocks with 1.02 x 1.02 x 5.95 inches and 2 pieces of wood blocks with 1.98 x 1.98 x 5.95 inches. Not only this, you have the options to choose from three different types of packages. They are offering 5 pieces, 10 pieces, and 12 pieces of woodblock kits.

Even if you are a beginner in wood whittling things, you can start your journey with these blocks and a normal knife. You can give this kit a gift to your loved ones and provide an opportunity to bring out the hidden creativity from them.

Key Features

  • Available in three different size blocks kits
  • All the blocks are made with premium quality basswood.
  • Naturally comes with shiny texture.
  • Easy to color
  • Produced naturally and no chemicals used on wood pieces.
  • Different sized pieces in a single pack

Basswood – Premium Wood Carving Kit

This product is one of the best carving kits for the beginning level of wood cravers. That doesn’t mean that it is not ideal for intermediate and professional woodcarvers. The package contains different sized blocks to match the different kinds of surfaces and your different needs. You also no need to worry about the procurement of a new specialized carving knife since it can be carved using the regular pocketknives. It is specially designed for the beginning level woodcarvers who want to commence their journey with wood carvings. The selection of the best wood carving kit is always a headache since there are numerous things to consider before buying one, and this problem seems more severe for a beginner. But if you buy this product, you can become free from this issue.

Like other basswood products, it also comes with a soft creamy texture to make your carving work comfortable. The woodblocks are also free from knots, and they weigh very less. The kit is also an ideal choice for individuals who started this hobby recently. The individuals who are taking woodcarving as a hobby are purchasing this product very frequently. The woodblocks are available in two sizes of basswood blocks. Out of five pieces, four pieces measuring 1 x 1x 4 inches and one piece measuring 2 x 2 x 3 inches.

All the wood blocks are made with the highest quality Minnesota based basswood. Just like other basswood blocks, this also ideal for carving using the regular knife. All the blocks are made with identical density and texture soft wooden pieces. This entirely United States-based basswood is very lightweight, and it weighs just about 0.6 pounds. The greatest thing to consider is, many people appreciate the excellent customer service. Customer service is an essential thing if you are a beginner.

Key Features

  • All the blocks are made with a soft and creamy texture.
  • It comes with 1 x 1×4  blocks and 2 x 2 x4 inches.
  • It is a great product for inexperienced people.
  • The customer service offered by this brand is excellent.
  • The perfect beginner woodcarving kit
  • Very lightweight blocks

Buying Guide

Almost all the Best Wood for Whittling kits looks similar, and it becomes hard to choose the best one. Hence, we are providing a few considerations to look at before buying your wood carving kit.

Type of Wood

The first thing to consider while buying the wood for whittling is naturally the type of wood you want. In the current market, basswood, pinewood, and balsa wood are common.

Basswood is the best choice for people to carve wood since they come with a smooth texture, and it creates very little grain during carving. It is usually found in Europe, but now we can see the basswood in the US.

The next alternative for basswood is balsa wood. It also has a smooth texture and produces less grain while carving. These woods are primarily in North America, and they weigh very less. It is cheaper compared to basswood. However, it produces more grain, and you need to have sharpened tools.

Pinewood is available in plenty, which makes the cost of these woods less among the available options. Even though it is less costly, it is not suitable for making intricately designed structures. It can become flaky easily and often produces the grain. This can make your whole work go in vain. Of course, if you get the freshly obtained pine, you can solve the problem greatly. Hence the basswood is the best choice to consider, and it allows you to make in-detail carvings without producing grain.

Your Preference

The right wood selection depends on what you want to create and how much in-detail work you will make. Are you just trying out the wood carving for timepass, or you want to create an intricate and detailed wooden structure? Find the answer to this question to proceed with other options.


Like any other product, while buying the wood for carving, you need to look at the seller selling the product. The overall rating from customers and reading their reviews help you immensely in deciding the brand. If you are new to this field, choose those brands which offer consultation services on the product’s usage.

Your expertise levels

The level of expertise also determines the suitable product for you. You can find many kits and wood pieces sold in the current market for specific user groups. For example, there are numerous beginner level carving wood available these days. Additionally, you can get the beginner kits to start your journey without much difficulty.


The price is always the main factor when buying any product, and the same applies to wood whittlers. The fact to consider is the wood is an easily available resource, and you need to wary about the brands and companies charging more price. You always need to consider the amount of wood included in the kit and compare it with other alternatives to decide whether it is a good deal or not.

Additional experience

While choosing the Best Wood for Whittling, you also need to take care of other tools. One of the major things to consider is the knife. But many times, you no need to get a specialized knife. However, if you are buying these things for the first time, it will be great if your kit comes with a knife. But if you select the wood whittling, which satisfies other considerations, you can ignore the complimentary knife.

These are the main things one must consider before deciding the wood for their wood carving activity. But if you don’t want to scratch your head on which wood to select, you can select the products we have given in the above section.


These are the important aspect one must take into consideration before deciding the Best Wood for Whittling. Without a doubt, whittling is an act which gives more peaceful and stress-relieving activity. Many people use this hobby to become tension free from the day to day busy life. The above guide will help you choose the best wood for whittling if you take care of every aspect discussed. The selection of the right wood and size all depends on your preference and requirements. We wish you a happy and reliving wood carving activity.