Best Woodcarving Ideas for Beginners That Are Worth Trying

Woodcarving is a work of passion.

For the love of art, a wood carver would certainly have heaps of ideas in mind as his hands start to reach the sharp, pointy tool and carve it right into a piece of wood. Read the Best Wood Carving Tools That are worth for you.

However, for some beginners, especially for those who haven’t tried carving his first and very own craft, wood carving can be a little bit of an intimidating and daunting task.

And before you know it, you’d be left staring at a blank space while holding a piece of wood in one hand and a carving tool in the other, trying to come up with the perfect woodcarving idea to craft for the first time.

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Best Woodcarving Ideas that you are looking for


So, here are some of the best woodcarving ideas that are definitely worth crafting for your first try in woodcarving.


Pattern Woodcarving

Carving patterns are one of the easiest, yet most fascinating carving styles any novice woodcarver can try. However, this kind of carving needs a thorough planning before the final crafting. Patterns, as many may know, can be a little difficult to achieve. You can simply look out on the internet for pattern reference, or you can sketch your own pattern on a paper prior to the final carving if your concern about the originality of your work. Especially if it’s your first time, making your very own woodcarving based on your very own idea and design can really be a big deal. That’s fair enough, though.


Portrait Woodcarving

Portraits are hard to achieve on a sketch. How much harder can it get when it comes to carving it? Surely, carving portraits sounds really difficult. But that’s just why you’re going to try it, right?

Portraits can require not only the skill in carving but also some serious talent in following a realistic or photographic reference. Before starting to craft you portrait carving, you will, of course, need to choose just who you’re going to carve in that piece of wood. This may just seem to matter very little, but choosing who your reference can actually affect your output. Your reference could be your mother, father, a sibling, or a loved one for inspiration. Or if you’re a little bit of a narcissist, you can make yourself or your photograph your reference!


2D Woodcarving

Two-dimensional wood carvings are very easy to achieve. In fact, this carving style is actually usually used by beginners. You might have probably even tried this.

By 2D, you surely know that they only define two areas at an angle. Although they appear simple to look at, they can be just as fascinating as any other wood carving styles are if you’d try to give it an artistic twist.


3D Woodcarving

There’s a simple design; then there’s grand design. The latter is obviously the 3D wood carving designs. They turn just about every carving creation into reality. Like portraits, 3D designs also require more than a little of the skill and talent in following realistic references. But unlike portraits, 3D wood carving designs aren’t just for human reference. They can depict humans, animals, insects, random objects, an and just about everything.

Moreover, 3D carvings need to have plain, lined, or crisscrossed carvings for it to have a shadow effect, which will make the output absolutely realistic and fairly 3D.


Miniature Woodcarving

It’s pretty much certain that you’ve heard about miniature wood carvings. You’ve probably seen at least one inside your mother’s collection cabinet at the house or on corner tables as decoration. Miniature carvings are a typical type of craft for many wood carvers, but again, if you make it special, it will be.

Miniatures and any other types of carvings are generally created for decoration, so you’d want your creation to be as noticeable as possible. But since miniatures are, well, minute, it can be a little hard to get some eyes staring at them. Some people appreciate their little sizes, though. After all, small things are just adorable.


Minimalist Woodcarving

For beginners, minimalist wood carvings give you fair reasons to stick with your simple, basic designs. Minimalist carvings are designed to be as simple, yet as elegant as possible. For home decoration, minimalist carvings are usually just a piece of long, varnished wood with a few holes and curves. Too simple rt, you think? Well, this is minimalist. What do you expect? There is beauty in simplicity, though, so you don’t have to worry about not impressing the critics.


Lettering Woodcarving

Another very simple idea to try for woodcarving is lettering. If you have been doing woodcarving for quite a long time and have already tried letter carving, that’s good, but, if you haven’t tried this kind woodcarving yet, then you might want to consider doing it now, especially if you’re still a novice in woodcarving. Before doing the extremes, try doing the simplest crafts first. Becoming fully skilled in woodcarving doesn’t happen at once. It is a process. You must start doing the basics before doing the major tasks.


Usable Woodcarving

All woodcarvings sure are usable, but this one doesn’t refer to typical decorative woodcarvings. Usable carvings are those woodcarvings that can actually be used in daily life activities such us, goblets, bowls, plates, and the like. They may just be made of wood, but they are still usable.


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Life-sized Woodcarving

This is one challenging woodcarving for you to try. Aside from the fact that you’ll be having a long carving to do for your life size masterpiece, you will also have to work on every detail of making it realistic. Just like any other woodcarving ideas on this list, life size woodcarvings also need to be realistic. This is actually the very reason why it has the actual size of the reference – to make it look very realistic.

With the challenge of carving a full size piece of wood and cutting parts to make it look realistic, you’ll definitely have a hard time, which is good. Why? Hard times make you better, you know.


Surreal Woodcarving

This kind of woodcarving comes when passion and imagination meets. Surreal woodcarvings are probably one of the greatest styles in wood carvings. A woodcarving’s oddness just proves how unique it is from others, and this uniqueness usually brings it to popularity. In fact, almost all surreal carvings made name to different parts of the world.

Most of the world’s famous surreal woodcarvings depict people with strange body parts like having multiple heads with different emotions or having half of the body normal and the other peculiar. Some surreal carvings portray people in a strange situation such as the melting of the face, distortion of the body and stuff like that.


Final Point

Woodcarving is truly a kind of craft that enhances the skills, exercises the mind and touches the heart. It may just seem to be some kind of leisure, but it can be a pretty difficult task. Nevertheless, the art of woodcarving can be learned by just about anybody. After all, it doesn’t really require a perfectly skilled wood carver to do carving; it just takes a passionate heart to be able to create a masterpiece. Just don’t be afraid to try new things. In that way, you’ll get better and better.