Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router

Black & Decker RP250 is one of the top routers for router table models of Black & Decker routers. It is available in a compact and lightweight design but despite its compact size, it works great.

Besides cutting fine, it comes with all the features required for easy maneuverability around the cutting area, easy manipulation of the depth of cut and overall ease-of-use.

If you are looking for a router to start with as beginners you may consider this product. Learn more about its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Black & Decker RP250 – Plunge Router

Black & Decker RP250


Features of Black & Decker RP250 Plunge Router


This Black & Decker wood router is designed to serve multiple purposes making it one of the most versatile routers on the market. It can be used to create decorative edges, joint cuts, template cuts to be used for decoration, cut-outs, sign making and inlays because it is the best plunge router.

It is equipped with a motor of 10 amp which spins at a variable speed of 8,000 to 27,000 revolution per minute giving users control of their results.

With a product weight of 9.9 pounds and a dimension of 11.5 x 6.6 x 11.9 inches, it will be easy for users to work with this router. Even if it is not mounted on a table, you will not be weighed down by the weight of the router. You can work with it for many hours without feeling as if you are carrying weight.

Besides, the lightweight makes for enhanced portability. Moving the router from your tool store to a job site will not constitute many problems to you.

Another feature of this Black & Decker router that helps users to gain maximum control over the product as they work with it is its gradual start function. This also makes the tool safe to be used and makes for enhanced precision and accuracy. RP250 features a sightline base which improves ease-of-use and enhances visibility.

It is quite easy for the users to change the bit of the collet and this is made possible by the spindle lock it comes with. Users are able to discharge their task easily and comfortable with this machine thanks to the trigger switch of the product which features lock-on button. It comes with a contoured chip shield which makes the router safer to work with.


Other features include the following:

  • Collection system
  • Adjustable edge guide
  • Wrench and a 1/4-inch collet are included in the package
  • 3 turret stops



  • RP250 boasts of easy operation without failing to deliver enough power for easy and quick cutting and routing result.
  • It is a versatile product as it can be used to make a lot of different kinds of decorative and special cuts.
  • It has variable speed control.
  • It is a sturdy router with durable parts.
  • The machine is available in a compact and lightweight design making it easy for owners to move it around. It also makes for easy storage.
  • It comes with rubberized handles which offer perfect grip and protect the user against any hand fatigue.
  • It is covered with a two-year warranty starting from the time it is purchased.
  • The base is stronger offering enhanced control, stability, and control.

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  • You may find it difficult to use the plunge lock.
  • Its depth stop is not widely ranged.
  • Only one size of collet bit can be used on it and this reduces its versatility.
  • The handles may not be a good fit for people with average-sized hands.


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Inexperience woodworkers or hobbyists that are learning to use routers will find this product very helpful as it is quite easy and safe to use. It comes with basic features and components which one requires to start routing.

Besides, it is a strong router that delivers good results. But don’t attempt to accomplish heavy tasks with it otherwise, you may be disappointed.