Dewalt DW616 Fixed Base Router Review

Dewalt DW616 is designed to handle different woodworking projects in a wide range of professional job sites. It can also be used by do-it-yourself hobbyists to carry out works around the house. The router consists of durable components. The metal housing of the motor is plated with nickel for a smooth and durable depth adjustment. It embodies all the features for which Dewalt is known for. Given its impressive performance, easy-to-use features and durability, it is highly rated by consumers. As it is the case with every product, it is not a spotless kit as some consumers have one or two complaints against it.

Dewalt DW616 Fixed Base Router Review



Features of Dewalt DW616 Fixed Base Router

Routing with DW616 or carrying out any woodwork with this machine is quite easy to accomplish thanks to the impressive power generated by its 11 amp motor of 1-3/4 maximum horsepower. The motor is safely protected in a case made of metal plated with nickel. Thus, it is protected from impacts, abuse and accidental falls resulting from everyday use. It also delivers smooth depth adjustment ensuring that it lasts longer.

Standard template guide bushings can be fitted to the router thanks to its clear, Lexan sub-base which also makes for better visibility and enhanced durability. The depth adjustment can be accurately made in 1/64 inch increments via the micro-fine depth adjustment ring. Users can further improve accuracy by sustaining bit concentricity using the sub-base concentricity gauge.

DW616 is convenient and easy to use thanks to some of its features. One of the features of the product designed for user comfort is its motor cam lock made from steel. You can easily change the base and make depth adjustment in order to switch task thanks to this feature. Its quick-release motor latches is another good feature that improves users’ convenience. With this feature, the motor pack can easily be removed to effect base and bit changes.

It is a corded router. But the cord is not permanently fixed in the machine as it can be detached so that the same motor pack can be utilized for all bases. It also makes cord set serviceability easy. The top is flat and this also eases the bit and depth changes.

With this product, there is no chance of having a frozen bit as it is eliminated by the router’s self-releasing, long, eight slotted collets which also improves bit retention.



  • It is a durable machine with a die-cast aluminum base. This together with its nickel-plated motor case enhances durability.
  • It has long switch life as the switch is sealed perfectly against dust.
  • It is a versatile router as the collet bits can be used on it meaning that various woodworking jobs can be accomplished with it.
  • It delivers the impressive power required for easy accomplishment of tasks.
  • It also offers smooth operation.
  • It comes with a storage case where accessories can be kept.



  • The on/off switch does not well position making it hard for users to get at.
  • It is a single speed model.



DW616 by Dewalt has an excellent specification and also delivers stunning performance. It is durable, smooth and easy to use thanks to its features such as its detachable base, locking cord, motors, and others. It is sold at a very good price given its performance. Though it has some imperfection, it may still be an option for you if you are looking for an affordable router that delivers good power.

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