EBL Smart Rapid Battery Charger for Rechargeable

This imr battery charger which is ETL certified and fast charge your cell for better performance. The ETL logo is proof that this product meets the set standard in the industry according to the Northern America safety standards.

This charger is fitted with 2 slots for charging and able to charge 2 batteries that are compatible. The battery is also set up with a quick powering speed of 500Am whenever in use.

This Charger Compatible with imr batteries 18650, 26650, 17500, 24500, 16340.

rapid battery charger
EBL Battery Charger

Features of EBL Intelligent Battery Charger

  • Ability to charge two batteries that compatible at ago. This is because the intelligent charger has been fitted with 2 partitions for charging.
  • The battery has a DC charge allowance thus could be used for charging in a car. It can also be powered to charge in or any other area where DC charging is permitted.
  • Smart LED screen. This displays the charging status and progress.
  • Small in size thus very portable and can be used even during travel.
  • iquick charging technology thus effective in utilizing your batteries’ capacity.
  • 500Ma current thus charging half times faster compared to normal charging.
  • It has 3 charging modes i.e. constant charge voltage(VC), a constant charge current(CC) and trickles charge.
  • It is able to charge the NiHM Ni-CD batteries that are rechargeable ie AA, AAA, C (1.2Volt 500mA? 50mA*2) and the Lithium-ion ones.
  • This charger has an input capacity of 100-240V AC 50/60Hz DC: 12V 8W


  • It has the ability to charge two batteries at ago thus saving time and energy.
  • These 18650 Lithium chargers are ETL satisfied thus reliable and safe for use as they meet the set standards in the industry.
  • The charger has an iquick charging technology which makes charging faster and maximizes the performance of your batteries.
  • It is able to prevent your batteries from overheating as made with a device that detects any overheating thus preventing it.
  • The charger has the ability to automatically go off once the charging is completed due to the build in MCU technology thus reliable and energy saving.
  • It is easy to monitor the charging progress of your battery using the charger’s smart LED. This will help you tell if there’s any malfunction in your battery just in case they are not charging. You can also notice if the cells are not properly fitted in the charger.
  • This charger is easily portable, reliable, and easy to use. The charger has been fitted with springs that give the batteries a firm hold during charging. This keeps the batteries intact during the process of charging.


  • It not recommendable for use in high power flashlights charging as the Chargers’ protection circuit shuts out the flashlight after about 15 seconds. It should be used to charge batteries that are compatible with its powering capability.
  • The springs that hold the batteries are very stiff and strong that a lot of force is used while inserting the battery which can be a bit annoying if they snap off accidentally.
  • This charger does not display the charging capacity of the battery and can only display whether its charging or not and when charging is complete.
  • The chargers LED lights are too bright and could be annoying when in use during the night. You might have to cover them up since the maybe destruction during sleep time that is if you are the type who doesn’t sleep with the lights on.

Final thought

This smart intelligent battery is just perfect for its job.  It has a high charging speed and appreciated by lots of users in the market. It has been proved to charge a half time faster than a normal charging making efficient. This encourages you to maximize your battery usage without being worried about recharging it faster.

The instructions on how to use are very easy to follow and once the batteries have been inserted into it, all you need to have the charger on.

Using this charge saves on energy consumption since you are able to charge two compatible batteries at ago. This is made by the batteries’ two charging slots.