Flexcut Carving Tools, Deluxe Palm Gouges, Ash Hardwood Handles and Carbon Steel Blades, Set of 9 (FR405)

At you first glance, Flexcut Carving Tools seem unique. And true to the brand and appeal, the carving tools, are without a doubt among best woodcarving tools you can own. There are nine different tools that you can use to play around with your imagination. They are the kind that empowers creativity to unprecedented levels.

The majority of toolsets come in groups of twelve, but that does not mean you are short in that regard. The nine tools are quite capable, and you can use them to efficiently imprint your imaginations on a wooden block or any other suitable template.


Product Description


The unique-looking carving tools are something that indicates seriousness all around. And true to this appearance, Flexcut is among the top brands that produce carving tools – the renowned carving tools makers. In other words, you will be buying excellent quality tools that will withstand the test of time, as you will find out sooner or later.

But that does not mean they are only for the professionals. If anything, these tools will help you put in some good practice also to be the pro. The tools fit well on your palm and are easy to use. As such, it will be easy to put in some good hours into carving and develop some skills in the process.

The blade on these tools is carbon steel that will demonstrate unmatched carving strength. It will penetrate the wood allowing you to create the image that you want. The carving tools come with ash hardwood handles, gentle on your hands and easy to use. They will not cause blisters and other injuries to your hands. Good handles make carving so much fun that you can concentrate on whatever you want to create.

You will find a wooden box, sturdy and easy to use. The box provides sufficient storage and protection for your tools, and they are thus safe from moisture and dust. Furthermore, chances of misplacing the individual pieces are minimal since you have a central location to toss them.

Some users also find the wooden box perfect for keeping the children away from the tools – necessary if you think about it.

The wooden box also makes transportation so much more comfortable that you may not need anything else to bring them along. The box is like a briefcase you use to the office – quite convenient.

All the tools come with razor-sharp edges that quickly cut through the wood like butter – not exactly if you know what we mean. You can, therefore, use them on a variety of materials such as linoleum, and soapstone among others. But ideally, use these tools on softwood as opposed to hardwood, in most of the time.

Even better, the tools easily hold an edge. If anything, they are easy to keep sharp.

And to add to top it all, these tools are some of the most lightweight, and together with their quality and sharpness, they are a real gift to any established and aspiring woodcarver.



  • Ergonomic handles made from ash wood
  • They are easy to use
  • From an established woodcarving tools brand
  • Features a sturdy wooden box for safe storage and portability
  • Razor-sharp blades
  • They are quite lightweight and comfortable to use
  • The tools fit well on the hands



The razor-sharp edges are a welcome safety measure. In other words, it is a good thing that the edges are sufficiently sharp as flat blades are by all means a safety risk. However, this feature is like a sword with double edges; cuts both sides.

That means you will need to be careful as you use the tools as getting a cut is not difficult. Don’t leave the children unsupervised with these tools.



Some of the knives may require sharpening to ensure they are at a good working condition – some of them come blunt and need some decent fine tuning. The set does not include the #7 sweep gouge, which you would typically find in other toolsets. That means you may have to purchase it from elsewhere.

You will also need to sharpen and oil the blade after use to keep them in good working condition – the price for having carbon steel tools. The tools are a little expensive, especially if you are a novice trying to find the ropes.



A serious woodcarver deserves tools that complement their skills. Well, Flexcut easily fits into this description and has the right qualities to make masterpieces. Individually, the tools are easy to hold and quite lightweight to control.

They make carving so much fun that you may not realize how many hours you are putting into it. As a novice, you will develop the necessary skills even without having to try so much. It will just flow – that’s what quality tools are all about.


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