Foxnovo F08 8-Slots Li-ion Ni-MH Ni-CD Universal Intelligent Battery Charger

This charger is a great production among the latest intelligent technology products to be produced in the industry. It is a Foxnovo brand manufactured by the Foxnovo company.

It is a universal charger with smart intelligent technology fitted with 8 charging slots. The charging partitions have the ability to charge independently and automatically stops charging once the batteries are full.

The charger is able to display the charging progress thus easy to monitor. It has an inbuilt negative control voltage system aimed at improving the charging efficiency. If you want to read 18650 battery charger reviews before making any purchase, then check out our buying article.

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  • The charger has LCD indicators that display the charging progress of your cells.
  • The charger has 8 charging slots which can be fitted with 8 batteries of different sizes, capacities and make. The batteries have the ability to charge autonomously from each other.
  • This charger is capable of identifying the Ni-MH, Ni-CD and Li-ion batteries that are rechargeable. It can detect the status of the battery electronically while selecting the appropriate voltage for it. In addition, this battery is able to define the charging mode for the same.
  • It has the ability to automatically stop once charging is complete.
  • The whole package for the charger has a US-plug adapter to be used indoors. The charger embraces a negative voltage control application that boosts your cells charging efficiency.
  • This charger has a protection against short circuit and opposite connection thus making the charger safe and efficient to use.
  • This charger is compatible with a variety of batteries which include AAA, C, CS,1400,17650 etc.




  • It has 8 charging slots thus making it efficient and reliable. This charger is able to charge the batteries independently irrespective of the types and differences in the charging capacity. This implies that you can change the batteries easily upon full powering with others for another charge.
  • The charger has the LCD indicators which helps one to monitors the charging progress and notice in case any abnormalities or faulty cells. You can, therefore, leave you charger on and continue with other engagements without having to keep watch.
  • This charger is able to automatically stop charging once the batteries are fully powered thus there’s no need for constant monitoring.
  • This smart intelligent charger uses low currents when charging pausing fewer dangers that may be associated with the cells bursting or causing a fire.
  • This charger is easy to use it has the capability to detect the types of batteries once in use.
  • Using this charger saves time and energy as 8 cells are able to be charged in a single powering. This is as long as your cells are in the right condition and fit the charging expectation of this smart intelligent charger.
  • It has protection against short circuit making it safe and convenient to use.
  • The charger is able to increase your cells charging efficiency due to the inbuilt negative voltage control technology.



  • The springs used in the charger aren’t very strong and one has to be careful while inserting the batteries. This is to help avoid tampering with the charging progress. It might be a challenge to keep the batteries in position for effective charging as the clips of the charger appear weak. This makes the charger less durable and not reliable to for long-term usage.
  • Since the charger is used to charge different cells types independently, it might be a challenge to charge a single type of cells at ago thus limiting your preferences.
  •  Due to the charger using low currents to charge, it might take a longer time to charge compared to other chargers. This is also contributed to the fact that the charger has to charge 8 batteries at ago. You will, therefore, have to exercise patience throughout the powering process.


Final thoughts

This mart intelligent charger is a worthy investment to make as it reliable and efficient for charging 8 batteries in one powering. This saves time and energy making your charging process efficient.

Most users have reported loving its charging capacity. This is because it charges using low currents, no panic for either your batteries overheating or might cause a fire.

This Foxnovo brand intelligent charger is what you need especially when dealing with powering several batteries with demanding energy uses.

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