Genuine GM (12378255) Fluid 3634621 Cooling System Seal Tablet

A gm cooling system seal tabs are special tablets made to prevent leakages from the cooling system to stop a disaster. Your engine and the entire car is at risk of explosion if the linkage is not taken care of in advance.

How do you use the tablets?

Simply Place the portions in your gm cooling system and allow them to dissolve. Once they dissolve they are able to stop any tiny leaking from the radiator. They also control coolant loss by casting porosity in the car engine. The pieces possess nontoxic components that regulate electrolysis and regulate the PH imbalances. You can use these gm radiator tablets for all types of vehicles making reliable dependable. Find the radiator stop leak reviews here.

gm stop leak tablets review

gm stop leak tablets review

  • Non-toxic. These tablets are nontoxic and have a special strength formula to permanently block microscopic leakages. They also protect your car system form porosity.
  • They are Dex-cool compatible.  The tablets are Dex-cool compatible and made of unique components that lubricate the internal cooling system.
  • These gm seal tabs are tailor-made for a specific engine application according to the vehicle’s volume in the cooling system.
  • Automotive usage. These tablets are made with a unique formula to facilitate only automotive usage.
  • For application to all vehicles. The stop leak tablets are universal and therefore effectively applicable to all vehicles. You won’t have a difficult time to get them as this aspect makes them more accessible.



  • Using this tablet prolongs the life of your vehicle Opti giving integrity to your vehicles cooling system. This is due to their ability to seal any holes that may cause leakage in the cooling system. Thus, these gm seal tabs portions are more reliable and effective for their role and functions. Using the tablets also saves on the expense of having to purchase a new hose once the openings are fixed in time.
  • Controlling any leakages from the cooling system facilitates the safety of the vehicle as when as the user. This maximizes the overall performance of your machine. This further helps to avoid the risks associated with leakages in vehicles cooling system. Improve the lifespan of your vehicle cooler system by applying these tablets. You will not only keep your vehicle in order but also avoid a disaster.
  • The application procedure is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is simply open the package, remove the tablets and drop them into the upper radiator tank. You can also opt to crush the portions into powder before opening the package. Premix the powder with a coolant and then pour it into your radiator hose. Go for several rides while monitoring closely your car performance. This will help you to be able to tell if at all the solution has been found or not. You can also opt to place additional tablets occasionally to ascertain the right measure.  However, if the leakage persists do not shy from visiting your mechanic for further assessments. Remember that how long your cooler systems stay intact depends on the care you equally give. Let it be a routine activity as much as the tablets give you better solutions for the leakages.
  • Applying these tablets prevents the formation of any rust and scale in your car system. This facilitates longevity and promotes better performance.
  • This gm cooling system seal tabs is applicable in water and all kinds of antifreeze. You do not have to stress so much because water is easily accessible in absence of other coolants
  • Employing the tablets to manage any leakage in your cool system does not cause any defects to either metal, aluminium or plastic hoses.
  • The tablets are less costly and therefore much affordable and user-friendly.
  • Using the tablets will help you identify serious problems with your cooling system. That’s in situations where there’s continuous leakage after using it. As these tablets can only help to seal tiny openings.


  • These gm radiator tablets are made to only fix microleakages and not the huge cracks. Thus, using them when you got a bigger crack won’t be effective. A big crack might call for you to purchase a new radiator. Always be sure of the level of leakages before using these gm coolant tablets.
  • The product does not have clear guidelines on how many tablets one should use. You are therefore left to make estimations on your own until you find the right amount that works. This might result in wastages or misuse.


This product has received great feedback from most users recording a high level of satisfaction. The gm sealer tablets facilitate perfect sealing of any openings within the vehicles cooling system. This is according to the feedback from most users who do not regret opting for the product. It’s therefore among the highly recommended products and popular among vehicle owners.  The price of the product is less expensive making it affordable for all.

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