Gimars 12 Set SK5 Carbon Steel Wax & Wood Carving Tools

Every individual must start somewhere before they transition to the pro that they want. The same applies to wood carving. But to gradually gain the necessary skills and eventually produce impressive pieces, you need the right tools, the best wood carving tools.

Gimars are a brand above many on the market for wood carving tools, and it underscores just what we mean.

Product Description

Gimars 12 Set SK5 Carbon Steel Wax & Wood Carving Tools

The set of 12 woodcarving tools from Gimars are what any aspiring woodcarver needs to develop their skills and grow to become a pro. They are simple to use, and you will not need to search for information to figure them out. We can say that your skills grow into these tools.

There is everything that you need including three varieties of gouges to remove a significant amount of stock from the pieces and work your way to the figure you want. The straight and carved chisels help smoothen and flatten the piece, as your sculpture gains shape and look something that you don’t need to explain to anyone.

The tools are quite user-friendly that beginners, as well as, children can use them without worrying about mishaps. They will not also need to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what each of the tools does.

The carving tools are SK5 Carbon Steel for ruggedness and durability. They will not break apart under pressure, just when you are chipping away pieces. The tools have an electrolytic coating to avoid instances where they get stuck inside the work-piece.

You will notice the secure and ergonomic handles that make your carving task easier. That will make your grip comfortable and reduce instances where your hands hurt and develop blisters. Just because you are working on an important piece, with all the intricate details, does not mean your hands should pay the price in the process. The blades are secure inside the handles and will not grow loose after a period of use.

As an upcoming woodcarver, you may not be sure of which woodworking or caving is most fitting for you. The Gimers 12 allow you that flexibility to play around with various figures and sculptures. You can try out multiple models, spoons, bowls and even decorating furniture and you may find what you are good at. It may surprise you when that hidden talent shows up.



  • A set of 12 simple to use tools
  • A variety of gouges for efficient stock removal
  • There are straight and angled chisels and knives
  • User-friendly pieces that even the kids can use them
  • Features a pinpoint tool for the details
  • SK5 Carbon Steel material for ruggedness and durability
  • Electrolytic coating for carving efficiency, preventing them from getting stuck
  • They are versatile tools that you can use in a variety of projects
  • Ergonomic and secure wooden handles for efficiency in use and safety



As specialized and uncomplicated beginner tools, the toolset is relatively safe to use. They have wooden ergonomic handles for stable grip, and slips are unlikely. However, the tools are not toys to play around with, and you need to exercise standard safety measures.

For example, work in well-lit spaces and use sharp tools. A dull carving tool is a dangerous tool that can inflict real injury to the user. And because these tools are beginner tools does not mean that they are entirely safe. Sharpen them when necessary.



And like all carbon steel tools, you will need to maintain the blades to keep them in good working condition. Sharpen, and oil after every use to prevent rust and corrosion at bay. Replace the safety cap that the tools come to be safe and keep moisture and other debris from the blade.

You may also not use these tools on the hardwood. They are ideal for softwood and other soft blocks like pumpkin, and maybe soapstone. Remember that these tools are for novices. Pros will need better, specialized tools that match their high-level skills.



As a beginner, you need tools that are not too expensive, and which help develop your skills to the level that you desire. Well, a toolset like this one from Gimers is sufficiently robust and easy to use that even the children can use them. They are sharp and contain all the necessary pieces to carve any image or model that pops into your head. Let us say that they are the right tools to complement your creativity.

The toolset is affordable and comes with a mouthwatering full money-back guarantee. That means you can return them if you feel they are not what you want – it happens. You may also benefit from free shipping – could it get better than this?

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