Grizzly G0462 Review – (2020 Update)

Performance and dependability are the two features that make a power tool emerge above the rest.

Wood lathes are some of those tools that contemporary woodworkers and carvers are increasingly finding indispensable.

Any professional worth their title has a reliable lathe among their collection of tools – note the key word here is reliable.

There are not many lathes out there are what we can refer to as reliable or dependable.

The majority of them have one or two features that hype it, but that’s just it. They are not what you would comfortably say are sufficiently reliable. The following is a grizzly lathe review of one of the pretty reliable lathes for hobbyists. Read the wood lathe reviews.

Grizzly G0462 Lathe ReVIEW

Grizzly G0462 Wood Lathe with Digital Readout

The sturdy wooden shipping box that this lathe comes in tells you from the beginning about the kind of a product you will be dealing with – they say first impressions are most lasting.

Every component is bolted securely in the box. Some of the impressive features that will impress you include the 2HP motor – stronger than the typical ½HP that standard lathes come with.

There is a digital readout spindle tachometer that you will also not find anywhere else. The shift-on-the-fly handle makes the task of changing speeds so much easy – there is no messing around dangerously with belts.

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Lets talk about Grizzly G0462 and its features:

  • A sturdy cast iron construction makes the machine durable and worth the investment. It is a tool you will use for a long time.
  • The cast iron legs ensure a high level of stability – some pieces of wood can be hard and produce a significant amount of vibration affecting stability.
  • The legs of the lathe have a shelf-support feature that you can use to add shelves for additional storage – somewhere to keep the tools and unfinished pieces.
  • It features an impressive ten speeds. These give you the necessary control you need to make an exceptional piece.
  • It also has 43 inches between centers and 13-inch swing – decent measurements for a variety of jobs.
  • The g0462 tool rest extension coupled with swiveling headstock make outbound turning such a breeze.
  • There are quick-lock and release levers for the headstock and tailstock – quite convenient when working on your pieces.
  • The tool rest is about 12 inches, and there’s also a tool rest extension.
  • It is easy to set up and use – no complicated pieces and controls.
  • The machine is excellent for beginners as changing the speed is quite a breeze. The easy-to-use handle makes all the difference.
  • This lathe weighs about 350lbs which is not so much. You can readily move it to wherever you consider as favorable for working – some of us look for inspiration from our surroundings.
  • For a quick outboard turning, the headstock makes a full 360 degrees.
  • It is an excellent piece for hobbyists and home workshops.


The thing about top quality products is that they boast top of the range features that incorporate safety. For example, this lathe utilizes a shift-on-the-fly handle that makes changing speeds safe and effective. You will not have to deal directly with belts.

This may sound a bit complicated with all the digital readout spindle tachometer and other features to anyone that has not encountered it. The truth of the matter is, the lathe has simplicity written all over. Every bit of it so easy that with a few tools, you can quickly fix something that you feel isn’t right. This means that it easy to use.

Apart from the cast iron body, the lathe features cast iron legs for added stability. There is a significant difference with other standard lathes that you fasten or cramp to a table top.


The main issue with this machine may be the drive belt. The variable speed wood lathe utilizes the Reeves system that as professionals may tell you, are not easy on the straps. Furthermore, the belt it comes with a bit frail and inadequate. This means that you may need to replace it.

Some users have noticed that the headstock and tailstock may not be in alignment. But that should never be a cause for worry as you can quickly remedy – the good thing about quality machines. Release the headstock lock, align it and then tighten it – that wasn’t so hard, or was it?

You will also notice some vibration at lower speeds. Some professionals are okay with it, but it may be a problem for some people.

The grizzly lathe is not as great as the jet 1015 model – the latter is more equipped more suited for professional workshop woodturning.


Grizzly is one wood lathe that is in a class of its own – that is in comparison to the other machines you will find on the market. The lathe is easy to use and comes with incredible ten-level variable speeds. However, if you are out for something for heavy-duty use, then a jet model would be more fitting.

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