How To Buy a Rechargeable 18650 Battery

In most cases, a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery is used in notebooks or laptops. If you are a student or a businessperson, then, no doubt, you use your computer a great deal.

Therefore, Li-ion batteries, such as the 18650 type, must continually be charged. Topping up the charge is advised to guarantee that you keep your equipment working. Also, charging ensures that your batteries won’t become discharged, which can harm them.

To keep notebooks or laptops functioning, make sure that they are switched off when they aren’t in use. Keeping your computer on when it’s not being used will only serve to shorten the battery’s life no matter how well the battery performs.

  • Keep your Batteries Charged

As mentioned, lithium ion batteries can be charged whenever you like, regardless of the amount of charge. Make sure you charge your battery then if you’re not going to be using it for some time. Batteries shouldn’t be left discharged for any more than five to seven days.

  • Keep Batteries Away from Sources of Heat

Lithium ion batteries are susceptible to heat. Charge your batteries or tablet PCs in a nice cool, ventilated area. Heat shortens the life of most batteries. It’s essential then that you pamper your batteries. Don’t neglect them but keep them continually charged and stored in an environment that is conducive to their functioning.

  • Calibration is Key

Also, calibrate your battery property. In other words, make sure that you always fully charge it then fully discharge it. After you fully charge it one more time, it will be calibrated and should give you optimum service.

  • Making a Battery Pack

To form a battery pack for your battery cells, you may want to consider the various 18650 battery holders on the Internet. For example, you can buy a 18650 battery holder with PCB module made for constructing a 3.7 V Li-Ion 18650 battery pack. The pack is used for holding two battery cells in parallel. Such a device is useful and a must-have for some electronic products.

  • Your Choice of a Battery – Needed Information

Part of your decision for buying any of the 18650 battery UK products offered on the Internet will be associated with the type of computer, notebook or cell phone you own. Especially, in the case of computer systems, you will need to provide the appropriate part number for the battery.

In addition, you’ll need to reference the make and model of the equipment or, in this case, the computer. The make is associated with the manufacturer, which might include brand names such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, Gateway or Sony. The model number is the name of the line associated with the manufacturer and a related number. For instance, Sony makes the VAIO line of computers. Therefore, the make and model might be, for example, Sony, VAIO VGN-NW240F/S.

Think about the above information when you’re buying a battery. Make sure you understand how to use the batteries you buy to their optimum advantage.

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