How To Make a Folding Table Look Like a Desk

Are you thinking of getting some new furniture but afraid that they won’t fit in your current space?

Do you know that it’s still possible to get a furniture that will still fit even with the space limits?

How about getting a table, not just an ordinary one but that which you can fold to resemble a desk. Well, this article is going to help you realize how this can easily be done to transform your house.

A folding table is a uniquely made furniture that is able to take up different forming and can fit into a variety of spaces. Some of this space include households, conferences, and party rooms just to mention a few.

A folding table is advantageous as it is easy to fold and takes small space for storage. There exist various designs of this table thus you can get one according to your preferences.

You can use this kind of furniture for different purposes which include holding office items at the workplace. you can also use it in your bedroom to keep your laptop, small speakers or even you make up kit.

How to make a folding table look like a desk?

You can achieve this look by painting your table.

This painting process has to go through the following steps;

Step One – Clean The Surface and Apply Some Grease

First, you will have to clean the surface and then apply some grease to it. The purpose of applying the grease is to make it easy for a smooth painting. Keep all the dirty surfaces clean before carrying out the entire painting.

Step Two – Prime

This next step involves priming. Just like the first step, ensure that the surface is all clean before you start priming. Priming makes your table more durable especially if it is made of plastic or metal.

Step Three – Paint The Stool Seat

This stage involves painting the stool seat. Once you are done with the painting and the priming procedure, you can now spray the surfaces with any spray that you prefer.

On completing the spray paint, allow it time for drying. Drying is necessary to facilitate effective copper treatment. you can then protect the surface using a safety tape for paints or a plastic wrap.

Step Four – Accept the Unexpected

You should pay attention to the uncertainties that might arise such bubbles forming. Such an outcome may arise from using the wrong spray paint.

You can resolve this by retrieving back to the painting board. Always take precautions and ensure that you got the right spray paint with you.

Step Five – Apply Liquid Gilding To Table Legs

small folding craft table

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This stage involves the application of liquid gildings to the legs of the table. This is away from protecting the legs for longevity. Copper spray paint can be an alternative tool at this stage.

However, using liquid gliding gives you the best results.

Step Six – Apply The First Gilding Coat

elegant folding tables

After applying the first gliding coat you will also need to apply the second one. While doing this ensure that there’s enough aeration. This is because of the strong scent of the gliding liquid. Use a small soft brush during application to keep off from bad brush strokes. Exercise more precaution by putting on a mask. The mask will protect you from the strong fumes of the gliding liquid.

Step Seven – Allow The Table to Dry

small folding desk table

This is the final stage whereby you will the allow the table time to dry. Be gentle while using the table. If you notice any wear and tear you can easily correct it by applying some little spray.

upon completion, you won’t believe the immense transformation that you will have done on your folding table desk. It will look more modern and stylish than ever before.


Remodeling your folding table gives it a better look and performs lots of functions according to your needs. Painting it is a part of carrying out its proper maintenance.

Giving it a perfect look gives you more confidence to use even in outdoor activities. In addition, it increases its lifespan at the same time facilitating its maximum usage.

This concept will also save you from having to spend more purchasing new furniture as all you need is the right paint. Yes, that is if at all you already had one with you. Go ahead and enjoy using your folding table as a desk.

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