How to Repair Dehumidifier for Basement

Do not freak out if your dehumidifier breaks down, let’s check out on our tips of How to repair dehumidifier for basement and get it working again.

Basement is one of the most humid places in the house. The damp may make room for the bad smell, mold, allergy, and other awful stuff that contaminate the environment of your house and have the bad impact on your health. Therefore, a humidifier in the basement is of much help. However, what if it certainly breaks down? Luckily, you yourself can repair this kind of machine right at home with our handy tips on How to repair dehumidifier for basement as follows:


If the unit is not running:


Check the power first:

It is not working doesn’t necessarily mean that it has broken down. Check whether it is plugged and turned on or not. If it is, something must be more serious must have happened.


Check the cord:

Examine whether there is something wrong with the power cord and see whether it is fixable or it is time you replaced the cord. Do not forget to unplug the machine first.


Check whether there is ice:

Sometimes your dehumidifier doesn’t work due to the fact that some ice has been formed and is blocking parts of the machine. To check that, remove the cover panel. If there is ice, just leave it there and wait until it is melt. Most dehumidifiers cannot work well in colder places and as a result they may freeze up.


Check the overflow shut-off switch and see if it needs replacing

If no air is coming out of the machine while it is running:


You should check the fan motor inside your machine. It may have burned down and consequently, no air movement from your machine.


If the dehumidifier is running normally but the bucket has little or no water:


Remove the humidistat and check it. If it is fine, then go ahead with the refrigeration system.


If the dehumidifier smells bad:


The bad smells can come from stagnant water or dirty coal. To get rid of them, use vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Remember vinegar first and hydrogen peroxide after that to eliminate the order of vinegar.


Above are some tips we offer on How to repair dehumidifier for basement to assist you fixing your machine in case it does not function properly. If you have tried them all but the unit is still not working, it is recommended to call for a professional repair person.


Good luck!