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Important Safety Tips You Should Follow While Working

Woodworking is an art. Just like painting, sketching, pottery, and much more, it works with your creativity and imagination to produce a masterpiece. It is a method one use to make a fine sculpture. Woodwork, as the name entails, refers to the items made from wood such as furniture, cabinets, center tables, and much more.

The utilization of wood as a primary material to build something is a good manifestation of the old day’s ingenuity. The popularity of woodwork has emerged around 1500. It was used to make tables, spears, beds, or ships. Woodwork has been useful even before. Nowadays, its popularity has even escalated to the point that a single piece of woodwork costs a lot more. Since woodwork items are in demand, people have found ways to meet this huge demand by making the supplied double and by purchasing new machinery.

With the help of new technology, woodwork production is now faster. Unlike before wherein people work on an item one by one manually, nowadays, people can produce hundreds of woodwork items in a single day. In line with this advancement in the production, the department is the question of how safe you are in your workplace. One of the top places wherein accidents happen is in the workplace while people are working. This is why following the safety measures when working is a must thing to do. Below are the important safety measures that you must follow while doing woodwork. Check out our Best Woodcarving Tools Review

Always Wear Your Safety Gear

In almost all workplace today, appropriate safety gear is already a part of the policy. Even when you are working, your safety should still be your number one priority.

You should see to it that you have followed all the necessary safety rules to avoid getting into accidents and injuries. Now, what are the necessary equipment gears that you should purchase?

Hearing Protection

Since woodwork usually deals with heavy and noisy equipment, hearing protection is badly needed. You do want to be jaded every time you go to work, so might as well secure your pair of hearing protection gear.

Hand protection

In woodwork, you will be using your hands a lot. Almost 90% of the actual work involves your hands, so hand protection is an important gear when working. You might need a nice pair of working gloves to avoid contamination and to minimize cuts and other injuries. However, do not wear gloves near moving equipment as the machine might catch them. Only wear gloves when stuffing woods and lumber in your working station.

Eye Protection

Eyesight is essential in woodwork. How can you assure that you have made the right design if you do not have the right senses to assess it? So, for your eyes’ protection; you can make use of the protective goggles. There are a lot of gaggle variations available out there. You can either choose the one with colored lenses or just the plain transparent ones.

Foot protection

In some workplace, they require their employees to wear steel toe boots. It is a type of shoes which is specifically designed for workers in factories, warehouse, and the likes. It has a hard exterior to protect your toe from serious injuries especially when heavy objects fall onto them.


Operate Only the Machinery You have Knowledge Of Using

In woodworking, the use of machinery to make the work more precise, sleek, and fast is already given. However, most workers tend to forget the precautions before using any of these pieces of machinery. People often use one equipment even if they do not know how to use one. It is quite understandable that you just want to use all these new equipment, but you have to bear in mind that it is dangerous to operate machinery that you have no knowledge of using. It might even cause severe damaged to your equipment or might put your life at risk. Only use those machines and tools that you can handle well. So, you might want to make time reading the owner’s manual beforehand.

Avoid using Extension Cords

Even though you feel the need to use extension cords to do something important, please avoid using one if you can. Extension cords are quite dangerous to use especially if you do not pay attention to it. Most extension cords that we can readily buy from hardware stores are not specifically designed for heavy equipment. This is very dangerous as it may lead to short circuits and other electrical problems. It is best to ask for an electricians advice before you decide to use one or better yet, ask an expert to install a new outlet near your working station, so you do not have to have an extension cord.

Spare Time to Check All Equipment Before Operation

This is actually a standard policy that, unfortunately, almost all workers choose to overlook. It may be because of the schedule that they do not want to waste it or because they just want to be idle and do nothing about it. Either way, they are both no excuse to overlook this important standard precaution. How many workers have lost their hands because of dysfunctional machines? Perhaps, thousands have already suffered. If accidents happen in the middle working,  not just a part of your time is wasted, your whole day will probably be wasted too. Imagine the other workers’ trauma after; they will no longer feel safe in their own workplace. Avoid accidents if you can, and one way to do it is to make sure all woodwork equipment is running and functioning well. Also, it is recommended to only use the machines when it is already running full speed. So, run them before you begin your work. This is also a kind of test to check if the machines have any problem when it is running.


Stay Focus All the Time

When using some tools that are quite dangerous, staying out of focus can cost you your life. In just one wrong move, accidents can happen. So, no matter how music helps you relax and feel at ease while working, it is better to avoid listening to them when you operate dangerous tools like cutters, drills, saw blades, spindle molders, and bench belt  & disc sanders. Sometimes, we get distracted even with little things. In fact, most minor accidents are caused by lack of concentration. Still, accidents are accidents; it does not matter how small they are, they can still affect your performance at work.

Secure an ABC Fire Extinguisher Nearby

In the case of accidents wherein fire is involved, storing ABC fire extinguisher nearby can be your lifesaver. The  ABC extinguisher is specifically developed for all types of fire. Woodwork uses tools which need electricity, and when electricity is involved, you cannot erase the possibility of electrical wiring problems which can result in a serious fire.

Keeping an ABC fire extinguisher can at least minimize the possibility of having a serious fire in your workstation. You do not want to risk your life as well as other workers life, so keeping a fire extinguisher in every workstation is one thing to be considered for ultimate safety purposes. Woodwork is no easy job, but if proper procedures and safety measures are followed, you have no reason to worry about. In the end, every work we do, no matter what it is, depends on the discipline we have to do our it right.

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