Ivation IVADM20 Dehumidifier Review

If you are appearing for an efficient dehumidifier with an affordable price and dependable quality to solve your problem of the basement with humidity, Ivation IVADM20 will be a right option for you. It is seen a compact machine but can even carry out its job. Find the best dehumidifier for basement from here.


Ivation IVADM20


Here are some reasons why you have to select this dehumidifier for your home:


  1. Application of new technology

Dissimilar from the way how the other Dehumidifiers work, this unit uses the Peltier effect which produces less sound when the machine works. The effect makes the device separate water from the wet air without using compressors or moving parts. This helps this dehumidifier operate mellow. As a result, Ivation IVADM20 is a good candidate for noiseless operation compared with the average of other machine generated noise on the market today. You will not worry about the noise emitted during operation. In addition, this new technology also saves power consumption. It only takes about 60 watts, so that you do not pay much electricity bill and still be able to solve the problem you are facing.


  1. Fit into small areas

This unit has size 5.3 inches x 7.7 inches x 11.2 inches to fit small spaces. According to the reviews from users, it works well in space 150 square feet maximum such as bathrooms, laundry rooms. By nature, these rooms are affected by high humidity create conditions for mold to grow damaging walls, doors and unpleasant musty smell.


  1. Large reservoir capacity

With a capacity up to 13.5 ounces per day, you will not need to frequently flow the water. This capacity shows the machine can hold 2 liters of water for 4 days. What happens when you forget to change the water when the water is stored in the bucket? In that case, when the water level is close to the tank’s limit, the unit will be automatically shut off. Besides, the light indicator will illuminate to remind you to empty the water tank. It will help protect the machine because if water spills into the details inside the machine, it will be damaged as a result.


  1. The auto humidistat function

This is a useful function. Unlike other machines, this machine has a simple display in order to be easy to look and easy for the consumers to use. You can set the desired humidity for the machine. According to the manual, this unit have the ability to reduce excess water in the air in the range 40-80%. The default humidity is 50%. If you want another level humidity you can adjust with the smallest adjustment of 5%. It helps you modify desired moisture more accurately.



Ivation IVADM20 is the dehumidifier not only has a minimalist design but also has a good price with full functionality. By applying advanced technology Peltier, this unit works smoothly with no noise. Moreover, the auto humidistat helps a lot in getting the desired moisture. Your room will not be so dry or wet. This it truly is a remarkable name for the dehumidifier for small spaces in your house.