K-Seal ST5516 HD Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

k seal permanent coolant leak is a great product whose purpose is to stop and repair leaks while fixing any cracks in the radiator and the car engine. It works well in repairing leaks in vehicles that have huge engine capacities.

With just a simple application your car will be ready for a run on the road maximizing its efficiency. Its applicable for mixing with a variety of antifreeze facilitating easy fix of your radiator.

k seal coolant leak has a special formula that has ceramic microfibers and copper components. These components are responsible for finding the openings and cracks in your radiator. It the long run it perfectly seals them and your engine can immediately resume its performance. Check out best radiator stop leak on the market.

K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Repair


It’s a permanent coolant that quickly fixes leaks in your radiator bringing your engine to instant performance. It mixes with all types antifreeze making reliable and ease of use. Can easily repair your radiator from cracks and leaks. k seal hd coolant leak can also fix the same in your cylinder heads, water pump, freeze plugs, heater core and head gasket.

Easily application by simply shaking the container and pouring in the radiator.  The product doesn’t need any draining or flushing during its usage.



The product application procedure is simple and easy to follow. Once you purchase the product, shake it before opening and then pour it into your cooling system. It facilitates instant repair thus you can commence you driving thereafter.

It facilitates permanent repair of your vehicle making it efficient and reliable to handle the leaks in your car coolant. This saves time and more expenses of having to visit your mechanic for repairs. You are able to independently carry out the fix thus giving your time to head on with your day’s plans. Identify where the default in your car cooling system is originating from and use this product to facilitate an immediate repair.

The ability of the product to mix with all types of antifreeze gives ease of use and application. There no hustle of having to find a specific one making it user-friendly and dependable.

Apart from fixing your car radiator, this sealer has other multiple usages to bind other applications. Such appliances include the water pump, freeze plugs, head gaskets, freeze plugs and cylinder heads. This provides confidence in the product performance as it also saves you from incurring extra costs.

You would have to spend more if you were to involve the use of the different product to fix this other appliance. This helps you to avoid wastage as it stays relevant for other uses even after having fixed your radiator. It, therefore, can be kept for other repairs depending on the size.

The procedure for applying this product is easy and straightforward that makes it friendly for use by any car owner. You do not necessarily need to involve the services of an expert. This saves you from having to incur such unplanned costs.

You do not need any draining or flushing while using this product. This makes it easy and fast to carry out repairs for the identified leaks in your radiator. You can easily repair your car at your own convenient time and space which is amazing.

The fact that this sealer can easily identify the cracks, holes and can effectively seal them is a perfect ingredient for radiator leakage problems. It can easily spread even to those areas hard to identify or notice.

The product price against the usage is a worthy the expense to incur. The product performs satisfactory work while in use and also the pricing is fair and affordable. Its great for use on heavy-duty vehicles and thus able to fix even huge cracks.



k seal radiator stop leak does not give specific amounts to apply to the holes or crack specifics promoting wastages and inappropriate usage. If not well used, the sealer can be messy since it’s in liquid form. You have to practice proper care while handling the product. Its liquid form makes easy to drop unnoticed on other surfaces which might stain or spoil them.



This k-seal sealer is a great product to fix any leakages for heavy duty machines reinstating their performance. Its cost is a worthy expense to undertake due to its multiple usage and application. Most clients have recorded complete satisfaction in the product performance even when fixing the head gasket. The sealer permanently fills the opening as it can easily penetrate through.

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