Lathe Chuck Reviews 2018 | How To Buy The Right Chuck

This is a chuck tool that aids you to turn bowls. The chuck has four jaws that close and open in a single turn from outside.

It is simply the fitting where you lay the lathe while working on it. the best lathe chuck is able to shape your material into the shape that you desire.


Best Lathe Chuck Reviews

Recommended 3-JawChucks:

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Recommended Morse Taper:

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How to Buy the Lathe Chuck?

It can be a bit challenging deciding which is the best lathe chuck for you to buy in the market. This is because chucks operate uniformly following the same procedures. You, therefore, have to decide to base on the features that the chuck has and the prices. Users safety during operation is also something to keep in mind.


Important Safety Tips Before Using Your Lathe Chuck

  • Always ensure to protect the eyes, face, and ears using the correct protection. You wouldn’t want to incur an accident during the process that will take away your eyesight.
  • During usage, ensure to properly fix the chuck on your lathe for proper performance. This will also help to avoid any mishaps that may arise while in use. Remember this is part of maintaining safety while working.
  • The size of the wood one is working with determines the lathe speed you may need. Be cautious about the lathe speed you opt for. Let it be appropriate for the kind of job you are anticipating to engage in.
  • Carefully asses the wood blanks before turning it while in using the chuck. Examine it for possible weakness or cracks as they can be very dangerous. In case you notice any of the above including knots, dispose of the wood to avoid possible injuries.
  • Maintain the jaw slides within the limits. Avoiding stretching them past the body as this may cause the slides to fall off from the jack. This might further cause harm if the jaws pull beyond the body
  • Maintain focus while using the wood leather chuck especially during turning to ensure safety.

If you are not quite confident how to find the best wood lathe, we will help you find the recommended models of a lathe.

Types of the Lathe Chuck

Some types of lathe chuck will require you to use some thread in order to fix it well on the lathe.

While others only need a backplate to mount the chuck on the lathe. With such a lathe chuck, you can easily use chucks interchangeably and multiple applications.

  • 2-Jaw Chucks
  • 3-Jaw Chucks
  • 4-Jaw Chucks
  • 6-Jaw Chucks
  • Soft Jaw chucks
  • Independent jaw chucks
  • Mix jaw chucks


Advantages and Disadvantages of the above jaw chucks.

One can use the 2-jaw to 6-jaw on the scroll kind of lathes. This has to done manually and requires self-centering. you can, therefore, these types of lathe chuck to achieve similar outputs.

A 2/3-jaw chuck is reliable in facilitating clamping together of round parts using it interchangeably with a 2-jaw chuck. The 2-jaw chuck will work on the rectangular or square shapes with the jaws working against each other. This depends on the kind of design you desires to develop in the long run.

However, you need to exercise some care during the process as you change from a 3-jaw state to a 2-jaw. There’s need to reduce the pressure from the drawback. This will help to avoid damages on the operating wedge. Basically, there’s an imbalance in pressure in using 3-jaws against 3-jaws.

Using a single 4-jaw chuck cannot facilitate self-centering. However, they are able to allow the removal of one jaw from away from the rest. Such jacks are great for processing wood with irregular an irregular structure. For instance, you can decide using it to set a centerpiece for your wood as you prefer.

Mix jack facilitates combining the self-centering done by the scroll jack using different jaws running. This promotes more flexibility while maximizing the self-centering rewards.

You can be able to achieve numerous design you desire for your piece of work using the above lathe chuck. They have great features and among the best to give you satisfactory performances.


Lathe Chuck Manufacturers


Nova company is among the great innovators for wood tuners in the industry. In 1988 the company was able to introduce a 4-jaw chuck that is self-centering.

At present, the company has four chucks innovations. These innovations include G3, SuperNova2, Titan2, 4 jaw and quick change.


It’s a chuck company founded in the year 1991. It produces lathes, chucks and other related products in the wood processing industry. Among the company’s great productions are the 4-jaw chucks and self-centering chucks.


Rikon is company found in China dealing with woodturners and others related machinery.

It takes pride in producing quality and reliable products such as bench grinders, buffers, scrolls saws, turning tool system etc.

PSI Woodworking

PSI Woodworking company has been in the woodworking industry for almost 2o years making great and reliable products. The company’s products and services include pen crafting, producing dust collectors, making lathe accessories among others.

South Bend

South Bend is among the early companies producing metal lathe, milling machinery and other accessories in the woodturning practice.


Grizzly is One of the great production by this company is the H6267 4 Jaw Self Centering Chuck used on lathe wood. Details about this product can be found on Amazon online shipping company among others.

Hurricane Turning Tools

The company supplies several items in the wood industry which include wood handlers, a jaw chuck.

Final Thoughts

I think after reading the above article you will get the best lathe chuck for you.