MasterFlow MF 1050 Air Compressor Review

At present, there are hundreds of portable air compressors on the market. They are from many different brands. But all the brands are not so good. So people get a little confusion while they search for the best one.

The people also look for tire inflator for their daily use. These compressors are also tired inflator. Usually, people use the tire inflator to inflate their cars and also for many small jobs. They also used for sports equipment and many others. So they called as multi-purpose tire inflator. Here we have included a tire inflator reviews that help you to understand what the special matters are in the inflators.

We have chosen MasterFlow MF 1050 Air Compressor. This is really great. Here we will discuss more it. At first, take a look why it is a good one.

MasterFlow MF 1050 Air Compressor



MasterFlow MF 1050 Air Compressor Review

This 12v portable air compressor comes with a durable carry bag, so you can carry it with anywhere you need. The 16 ft. the coil hose is with easy twist brass fitting. The 3 nozzle adapters are very helpful to use for any other jobs. The 8 ft. long power cord with alligator clips is for getting power direct from the battery.

This multi-purpose tire inflator is great for Car, Bikes, Trailers, SUV’s, Motorcycles and truck tires up to 35”. This is really a durable unit that made of high-quality materials. It is faster than many other portable air compressors. In fact, this is such a kind of compressor that is able to save your time as well as your money.

This faster, quiet and durable unit you can get for a very little price. Because the other compressors with this price are not so good as this one. You can use this compressor continuously 20 minutes. It is the most reliable compressor that shows a right pressure. So you can easily use it.

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  • This has a 12v motor.
  • Maximum working pressure is 150 PSI.
  • This MF-1050 is a powerful tool, not a toy.
  • It is able to fill full-size truck tire in only 2 minutes or less for 25-35 PSI.
  • It is also able to fill standard sized tire in only 1 minutes or less for 25-35 PSI.
  • The coil hose is 16 ft. long.
  • The low ampere draw is 30 AMPS.
  • The air flow rate is 2.54 CFM
  • Includes anti-vibration feet so that it stay stand while using. So it does not move around.
  • With the alligator clips, it takes power directly from the battery.



  • The construction is really solid.
  • No loose fittings or cords.
  • Run faster.
  • Less noise than other standard compressors.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Has On/Off switch.


  • The screw-on valve is little boring.
  • The pressure gauge is little off.


Overall, this 12v tire inflator could be one of your best friends while you make a journey. Nobody likes a break in their journey. That causes the wasting of time and money. This unit can save both of them. So you should really keep one of them. Hope that these tire inflator reviews have helped you.

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