Nitecore Intellicharger i2 Charger Review

This product is a smart charger which is automated and compatible with most types of batteries that are rechargeable. This smart charger is able to detect when a battery has been inserted and has the ability to charge two batteries at ago.

When in use the battery can automatically recognize the Ni-MH, Li-ion and Ni-CD batteries that are rechargeable thus applying the charging mode that is fit. This feature is referred to as the CC (Constant Charge Current), the CV (Constant recharge Voltage and the trickle charge.

The battery is capable of monitoring and charging the batteries separately using the built-in i2’s microprocessor.



  • The ability to display the battery status while charging. This smart battery has the capacity to show the level of charging for each battery while in use.
  • The i2 charger is able to recharge multiple rechargeable battery varieties i.e. the NiMH, Lithium, and Ni-Cd.
  • The i2 smarter charge has the capacity to charge two batteries at ago. The charger has an inbuilt ability to Interswitch after charging the intelicharger.
  • This product has a display of 3 colors LED which clearly displays the battery progress as it charges. The charger is able to automatically detect the power level of the battery to then select the required voltage and charging mode.
  • This i2 smart charger has 4 slots for charging impartial from each other and changes individually.
  • The product has the ability to automatically cease charging when charging is complete.
  • This smart battery is durable and made from materials that are fire retardant and resistance to flame.
  • The product has yellow and blue lights power charging status indicator where you can easily view the charging status of your battery.
  • These battery products have a warranty period of 12months



  • The i2 smarter battery is reliable, saves time and energy because of its ability to display different lights signals if not charging. That way you are able to connect the charger correctly unlike if there were no indication of such. This is also aided by the ability for the charger to automatically go off once fully charged
  • You are able to easily monitor the charging progress of your battery through the smart battery’s 3 LED color displays thus making it easy to manage and evaluate the state of your battery. The yellow and blue power signal indicators make it easier to ascertain whether your battery is being charged or not. This will also help you notice any defects in your battery charging system if it happens not to be charging.
  • The fact that the battery is durably made from long-lasting ABS materials make it appropriate for long-term usage saving the cost of repeated purchase of chargers over time.
  • It is easy to use the battery as the commands are so clear ranging from inserting, detecting and charging.
  • Since the battery is universal and able to accommodate a variety of charges, it will save you the hustles and the expenses involved in having to purchase a variety of charges. You are able to save several dollars that you could have used to purchase other charges that are expensive.
  • The long length of warranty gives much confidence in the quality of the product thus making it a worthwhile expense. The warranty allows for free repairs which greatly reduces your coast for maintenance at zero cost. You will have a lot of time to enjoy your battery usage without worries of running out of battery. This 18650 battery charger review is an assured guarantee of that.



  • Some users complained that the charging slots can only accommodate small sized batteries and not larger once like the C sized batteries.
  • The charger is most likely to overheat if only a few of the slots are used during charging thus the need for all the lots to be fully filled with batteries when charging.



This 18650 Battery Charger review has been reported to fully satisfy the varied needs of its users and thus highly recommended in the market today. The mere fact that the batteries can charge several batteries at ago makes them even more convenient.