Porter-Cable 690LR Fixed-Base Wood Router Review

Porter-Cable 690LR is a reflection of excellent workmanship for which Porter-Cable is known for. Strongly created and equipped with 11 amp motor, this router delivers the needed performance, precision and accuracy required for a perfect woodworking experience.

It has an ergonomic design and all the features required for ease-of-use, convenient, versatility and perfect operation. It can be used in different work environments including work around the house.

However, despite the various benefits it will offer, it has some flaws which some consumers have complained about. Find out more about all features, benefits, and drawbacks of this Porter-Cable wood router. If you are looking for the router for table mounting and this is the ideal router for you.

Porter-Cable 690LR Fixed-Base Router Review

Porter-Cable 690LR



Features of Porter Cable 690LR Fixed Base Router


690LR comes with a fixed base. With such a base, it can be mounted on a table to carry cutting and other woodworks that cannot be done with a handheld router. However, if you prefer plunge or D-handle bases, you can use them on this router. But they are not included in the package. So, you need to purchase them differently.

This fixed base router has stunning power capability that differentiates it from routers in its class. It is equipped with the motor of 11 amp which can produce a 1-3/4 horsepower spinning at 27,500 RPM. With such a horsepower, the router can handle different routing and cutting tasks both in a worksite or the house.

Precision machined aluminum is used to build the housing of the motor to protect it against impact and abuse resulting from everyday use. It also features a cam-lock lever which makes the release of the motor a breeze.

The collets of this router is designed to work with 1/2 and 1/4 bit sizes. This helps to make Porter-Cable 690LR more versatile as it can be used to do different tasks. Users will not find it difficult to change the bit thanks to the auto-release feature that it comes with.

This Porter-Cable router has some features that make it easy to work with. The two ergonomic handles that it comes with are examples of such features. The handles offer perfect grip and feel comfortable to the hands during work.

They are well positioned for enhanced comfort. The router comes with a micrometer depth adjustment system for improved accuracy and precision. With this system, the router delivers precise and accurate cuts.

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  • It is available in a lightweight and compact design. With a product dimension of 10x10x8 inches and product weight of 9.4 pounds, it will be easy to work with the router. Besides, storage does not constitute many problems.
  • It is portable given its lightweight design and double ergonomic handles.
  • Its motor delivers good power to handle different works.
  • It is versatile as it can be used for work in different environments.

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  • The power switch is poorly positioned and many consumers have complained about that.
  • It does not come with any storage compartment. Thus, users may find it difficult to have all their tools together in a place. Besides, the absence of storage compartment creates storage problems for users.
  • It does not have variable speed feature.

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Though 690LR is a small router designed for lightweight tasks, it does a nice work which explains why it is top-ranked among other routers in its class. It comes with the basic features and parts that you need to accomplish different woodworking tasks. Thus, you may not have to purchase any additional accessories when you have your package. It performs very well and has impressive versatility but do not expect too much from it.