Shop Fox W1758 Ultimate Review: (2020 Update)

It’s finally here: the Shop Fox W1758 review that everyone has been waiting for is finally available and boy does it have a host of features you’ll simply fall in love with!

This is one of the most powerful lathes for the money Shop Fox has ever produced and not only is it fully featured, but it’s also available for a price that makes it look like a steal.

Just take a closer look at the impressive specs this bad boy comes with and you’ll realize why we consider it one of the top notch wood lathe you can currently get.

The Shop Fox W1758 Review

Shop Fox W1758 Wood Lathe With Cast Iron Legs

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Hefty 2 horsepower motor with 10 variable speed adjustments (from 600 RPMs to 2400 RPMs).

Swivel head for outboard turning.

Exact spindle speed adjustment made possible thanks to the digital tachometer.

Precision ground and heavy-duty cast iron bed and legs reduce vibration to a minimum and improve stability.

Quick lock release levers for headstock and tailstock: zero, sixty and ninety degrees for the tailstock and one hundred and twenty and one hundred and eighty-degree headstock rotation.

Precise woodworking

Shape, sand and cut wood like never before with the Shop Fox W1758 that features a powerful 2 HP single phase motor and the possibility of choosing between ten variable speeds to tackle any kind of project you can imagine.

The lower speed of this shop fox W1758 is capable of is 600 RPMs, which is great for making pens, hollow bowls, and other similar items, while the maximum 2400 RPMs speed is great for projects where you need raw motor power, especially when dealing with solid wood.

The size of this forty-eight and three quarters of an inch by nineteen inches by seventy six and a half inches in HxWxD and given the fact that it has a shipping weight of two hundred and ninety four pounds, you can already tell that this is going to be a very stable tool indeed.

Great price for what it offers

This Shop Fox w1758 sells for a very low price compared to what it actually offers you and it’s epically a great deal for people who’ve had lathes which had vibration problems.

In fact, you can try turning a couple of nonsymmetrical 5 inch vessels on your old lathe and then do the same on this one and you’ll realize the difference is mind-blowing.


Assembling this mammoth of a lathe would’ve been easier if it hadn’t weighed as much as 300 pounds. Even so, it doesn’t take but 15 or 20 minutes, depending on how experienced you are at assembling wood lathes, to assemble the W1758.

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As you can tell, Shop Fox W1758 is a beast of wood late that can handle any type of woodworking project you may want to throw at it.

It’s heavy enough which greatly reduces vibration (which is very bad when working on small projects where you need a lot of precision), but it also comes with a large enough headstock that is simple to install and offers you plenty of power right off the bat.