SKIL RAS900 Router Table

If you are looking for a router table that you can use to do some woodwork around the house or garden as well as other light projects, it is a product that you should know about.

It is well constructed and equipped with all the necessary features required to accomplish such tasks. With its numerous features, it can best be described as an all-in-one workshop.

Specifications of Skil RAS900 Router Table


Besides having plenty of features required to accomplish a lot of works, it delivers impressive accuracy and precision. So, if your works require detailed tasks such as trimming and engraving, thistable may be the right option for you.

It is also an option for people that are on a budget and yet they want something with plenty of features. However, before you think that you have found a perfect product for you, it will be good that you take time to read this review so that you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether this product is an option for you or not.

In this review, you will learn about the specification of this product, its pros and cons, and features.

  • Model number: RAS900
  • Part Number: RAS900
  • Product dimensions: 27.7×17.7×9.5 inches
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Batteries Required: No
  • Batteries Included: No


SKIL Router Table Review

It is a typical example of excellent workmanship replete with improved features which are required for a variety of router and woodwork projects.

With its features, both beginners and mid-level woodworkers can make use of the product. Here are some of the features of this product that mark it from other products in the market.

Compact size

This is an option for woodworkers that do not have much space for the storage of their woodworking tools in their workshops.

The skil ras900 is foldable and when folded it can become less than 10 inches high. Thus, when folded, it can be kept neatly on a garage shelf or workbench. It will not occupy much of your workspace.

Easy setup

Whether you are a professional or just a beginner, once your package arrives, you will be able to get started easily. It is quite easy to set up the router. You don’t have to be a professional before you will be able to set the router up. The set up will take you about 30 minutes or even less depending on your experience.

What will take much of your time is understanding the various components and not actually the setting up of the unit. But you have to start with the mounting of the router.  The major components of this table are the router, mounting plate, and the table.

The mounting plates and the quick clamp mount features of the table are made to suit major routing work. With the user-manual and the pictures provided therein, you will be able to perfectly mount the router.

The Skil router table

The RAS900 of this product comes with a top that is available in MDF and laminated finished surface which makes it possible for the workpiece to glide and goes into the router very well resulting in clean and precise cut without requiring much effort from you.

In place of a router insert, the product utilizes a quick clamp mount and mounting plate that mounts and locks easily on the router. It is also easy to release the router and change the bit, a task that requires only seconds to be accomplished.

There is no need for you to level and thus, no extra time and effort is required from you. During the bit setup for accuracy in cutting, the bits can be adjusted via the bit height guard.

Cutting a curved piece with this product is pretty simple thanks to the starter pin and gauge that the table comes with. This feature provides support to the workpiece during such a cut and this ensures that you obtain a smooth cut.

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Built-in storage boxes

This unit is an option for people that have limited storage space thanks to the built-in storage boxes that it comes with. The storage units are perfectly fixed to the legs of the router table. You are not very much organized or you easily forget where you keep your tools, you will find this storage unit quite very useful.

They are the most suitable places to keep such items like miter gauges, tools, wrenches and other accessories and tools that are included in the package.

With the storage boxes, you will be able to get your tools together and organize your workshop so that it will not be littered with tools. Besides, it will also reduce the amount of space you require for the storage of your items.

Easy storage

Besides the storage boxes where you can keep certain tools, it is quite easy to store current router table without taking up much of your storage space.

This unit comes with foldable legs. When it is folded, the height will come down to at least 10 inches. With such a height, you will be able to keep it on a storage shelf or under a table or inside a small space.

In this way, storage of the router will not become many problems to you.

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It comes with two pieces of feather boards which constitute essential parts of the unit. It is very useful during routing as it makes for accurate guides on your workpiece.



  • It is a router table for the value of money and people with a low budget. But being affordable or inexpensive does not mean that it lacks in essential features. It has all the features you need in order to do a perfect woodwork.
  • With this product, your workspace will not get littered up with dust. It comes with a dust collection port where debris generated during cutting are trapped.
  • Setting up is quite easy because the unit is preassembled. It does not require you to be an expert before you will be able to make use of the product.
  • The router is quite easy to attach and remove because it does not require any level because its quick clam system is all that is required.
  • It is suitable for the cutting of curved surfaces thanks to its starter pin.

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  • The RAS900 is not suitable for heavy duty tasks and thus if you need to do more difficult work, you will have to upgrade to the higher grade.
  • The stability of this table during routing is affected to a certain extent by the folding design.
  • Users may require some time to understand the clamp system depending on their experience level.
  • The warranty information on this product is not clearly provided.
  • However, these imperfections are not strong enough to advise a potential buyer not to purchase it.



Skil is one of the low-cost router tables packed with features required to begin and complete virtually all basic woodworks around the garden and the house. With its features, it will meet the needs of do-it-yourself hobbyists. It is highly functional especially when it is being used for light jobs. It is available in compact design and thus, it is an option for people with limited space in their workshops. The product is made with quality and high-grade materials and so if you purchase it, you will get value for your bucks.

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