Find The Interesting Info On usb battery charger!

Has it ever happened to you that you needed to charge your rechargeable batteries but you did not have any access to a power connection?

You were clever enough to bring the battery charger, but without an electric socket, there will not be much charging going on.

The solution to that problem is a USB battery charger. This will allow you to charge your batteries even via your laptop or computer.

But is a USB battery charger really such a useful device or is it a gadget that we all could do without?

Well if we need to believe some of the reviews on ZDNet, we better get rid of the USB battery charger fast and especially get rid of the accompanying software that you might have already downloaded onto your desktop computer or laptop.

According to the United States Computer Emergency Response Team, also called US-CERT some software of a certain usb battery charger manufacturer is a real danger for your computer and your private information stored on your computer.

US-CERT recommends everybody to immediately remove the software of the usb battery charger as apparently it will give hackers an opportunity to get into your computer and control it. This is a scary thought if you consider all the private and confidential information you might have stored on your computer.

Think of financial information, passwords, and private matters that you do not want to share with other people, let alone complete strangers. And not just the information that is stored on the computer is at risk.

A hacker can actually take complete control over the computer and remotely access different site and even receive and download files via your computer. You do not even want to imagine what kind of trouble this can mean if a stranger can access your banking details or even is able to download illegal information on to your computer without your knowledge. Try to explain that one to the FBI….sorry sir, it is not my fault, it is because of my usb battery charger software

So best to remove any software connected to an usb battery charger, immediately. It is definitely not worth the risk. If you are not sure how to do this, look in the instruction manual of the software programme as this should also inform you how to uninstall that particular program. Alternatively, you could contact your local computer shop for advice.

So it is probably wiser to stick with the traditional battery chargers that you can plug into an electric socket. These do not require access to any computer or laptop. There is no need to install any particular software so no hacking problems in sight.

If you happen to be in need for a recharge and there is no electric socket available you might just have to nip to the shop and purchase some normal batteries. Please make sure that you do not mistake these normal batteries when they have been depleted.

Do not try to place them in your battery charger as this could cause damage to your recharging device. Also take care when disposing your normal batteries. Please ensure that they do not end up in the normal waste bin.

Normal batteries can be recycled if they are brought to designated battery collection points. You will find such battery collection points in most major supermarkets but also at your local waste disposal station.

At these types of waste disposal stations you can not only bring your normal type batteries, in all kinds of forms and shapes for safe and environmental friendly disposal or even recycling.

You can also bring your car batteries, fridge or freezer batteries to these stations, which will take care of the efficient disposal of them. Specialized companies will treat these batteries ensuring that they will not cause any long term damage to the environment.

Do not forget that any battery, no matter if this are large or small batteries that end up in the normal waste will end up most likely on a land fill.

Batteries cannot decompose by themselves; they will be there for years, decades, or even centuries to come, releasing their chemical toxins into the earth and water systems below. Recycling is a much better alternative for now and for our future generations.

However, if you have to choose, consider not purchasing any normal batteries at all and purchase only rechargeable batteries, this will be much more environmental friendly.

These rechargeable batteries might be a bit more expensive to purchase, but ones you have them you can re-use them time after time again. The recharging will only cost you a fraction of energy and will work out to be much more environmental friendly than buying new normal batteries time after time again.

So there is definitely a need to find a good battery charger, but an USB battery charger is probably a waste of money.